David Anthony, Wedding M.D. Advises You “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff ; Just Go With The Flow On Your Wedding Day

Now more then ever many of you are readers are in need of advice on how to handle your wedding plans.  COVID-19 aka Coronavirus has thrown us in a quandary for the whole world.

Please be comforted by knowing that you are not alone.  As arduous as this may seem right now, it is not hopeless. There are countless family, friends, and professionals that stand ready to get you through the process.

One thing you must remember is “don’t sweat the small stuff; just go with the flow on the day of the wedding,” says David Anthony, your Wedding M.D., and that is the advice we want you to walk away with.



His book “Don’t Let Your Wedding Be The Death Of You” is the most timely piece of literature you will need to read to get through these tough times.  It will put things into perspective in many areas.

Please take note, prepare yourself, the reality is things will never be the same, or shouldn’t be the same after this in so many respects.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning wedding.  You may just simply have to make some adjustments, without having to compromise on the quality, and dignity of your occasion because the primary objective is the thereafter–your marriage.

David Anthony is not only an author but owns, operates several spaces in the New York area, and has produced countless weddings in the course of his years in the business, qualifying to give you all sorts of advice that will simplify things for you in these challenging times.


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Some tips you will find useful from the book from Anthony:

You control your event, don’t involve too many people in your planning process.

The count– it is not about the number of people in attendance, it is about the importance of those people in your life, and the impact they have had in your growth.

From your book can you give me 7 points you want to give.  The theme of the story is about Quality vs Quantity.
  1. Lower your guest list. 100-125 is really a perfect wedding and so much less expensive.
  2. Use the saving from your list reduction for additions to the menu.
  3. Extend your cocktail hour so that it is 2 hours.  That gives you an hour to take pictures and you still have an hour for you to enjoy.
  4. Turn your cocktail hour into a pre-party.  The use of an acoustic entertainer is inexpensive and does the trick.
  5. Add lots of deserts. Build a Venetian table with the help of your family.  Have your family and friends make a large variety of desserts and add them and to-go bags to an oversized cake table.  This is a great visual and serves as your favor.
  6. Late-night food is cheap and people LOVE it.  100 McDonalds Cheeseburgers, Taco Bell, or Pizza.
  7. Add FUN silly things.
    1. Glow sticks.
    2. Assorted backdrops for selfies
    3. In today’s market, you can do fun face masks
    4. I giant cut out of the Bride and Groom so that all the guests can take pictures with you.
Meet The Professional


David Anthony


Venue Owner, Wedding Planner, Author


How long have you been affiliated with the wedding industry?
15 years and more than 5000 weddings


Prior to this pandemic, what have been some of your challenges in producing events, or weddings?
Its an ever-changing market place.  One of my biggest struggles is dealing with moms changing role in the planning.
I know I joke about it but it is true.  This change is really about 8 years in the making.  Mothers want tradition and Brides want the greatest party ever.  The hardest part here is to be the arbitrator in this situation.


What are 7 key points couples should take into consideration when hiring a professional such as yourself?
  1. Do their past visuals connect to the look you want?
  2. What is their personality?  This is the person that will boss you around all day.  Does the personality match.
  3. Do you trust them?  Will you let them boss you around.
  4. Everyone tags their Brides on Facebook.  Reach out randomly.
  5. Do they just agree with whatever you want? BAD!  This is your first time my 5000.  My job is to keep you from pitfalls.
  6. Does/will they get along with your Mom and Maid of Honor.
  7. How many couples do they take on per week?  Are you the main act?





What is the benefit of working with a professional like yourself?
If you pick the right person it will eliminate stress, and that’s the key. Your job is to enjoy the fastest day of your life.


As an owner of your own venues– do you recommend couples to have events assurance and what is the benefit in having it?
Event insurance is about 1% of your total.  It offers such peace of mind.  I tell all my couples that anything can happen.
Well, I feel like our current situation proves that.


What motivated you to write and publish the book–  Don’t Let Your Wedding Be The Death Of You?
I wanted brides to actually listen to what I had to say.  Pinterest is not your friend when planning a wedding. By writing the book and adding laughter it brings their guard down.  Brides and moms are actually reading it and when they come back in to see me they get “IT” and they listen.  Let the experts be the experts.


Just for fun check out David Anthony’s videos that not only make you laugh and make this process a little more enjoyable the way it should be– check out his Youtube channel for tips and advice.

So until the next time– Feel free to call the wedding M.D and visit his website, Say I Do Events,  for the various locations.  Don’t forget to tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.




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