WBM Beauty Conversation With Beauty Expert Gregg Brockington

I must admit, I asked for this. I dare not say how long, but I have been secretly wanting to be home for a long time, just to focus on some much-needed things: the redesign of my home, doing some repairs, catching up on some paperwork, putting together some proposals, and actually “calling and talking to friends and family”. Now that I have the time, I am trying hard not to complain about it.

Granted, the difference for so many of us is the fact that it is being forced upon us. There is nothing sexy about being quarantined.

But we are going to make the best of it, and we are going to do what all of us need to do in this time of crisis: SELF CARE This is the time of self-reflection and self-improvement.

We already began this process with you with our friends, Dr. Michelle Morancie, and E.R Physician Dr. Sampson Davis.  We are now moving on to skincare junkie, celebrity makeup artist Gregg Brockington.

It’s late, and I am ready for bed—all I can see is the side-eye look of Gregg Brockington. So I jump out of the bed, run back into the washroom, and really wash my face. Save the shade, I showered! I can’t go to bed without showering. But like many, the shower gel I use for my body is not the same as the one I would use to wash my face. So even though I ran water and rubbed my face, I guarantee you I still had makeup on.

I ran to the beauty cabinet and pulled out my face wash.  I am blessed I have options. I am well-aware that being an editor provides me with the opportunity to test some of the market’s best products. So, as I wash my face, I make sure I cleanse all the essential places. That’s after using the makeup removing wipes, eye makeup removers, etc.  I follow the recommended steps: remove all makeup, wash, toner, spray, and moisturize.  Now, I am ready for bed.

We realize in this time of crisis, no one is getting a makeup artist to come over and do their makeup. Novel Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, ruined that for all of us. But make no mistake, there are many artists available to assist you with putting your best face forward, or straightening you out like Mr. Brockington did for me, live and in living color.

Since brides are still trying to get married on Zoom, now that Governor Cuomo has legalized it, we covered the wedding of Justin and Michelle Jacob.  Given current circumstances, we anticipate more weddings taking place as long as this lockdown is in effect.


The Professional




Gregg Brockington is, by far, one of the most talented makeup artists I have worked with in my 30 years in the fashion industry. Beyond his professionalism is his attention to detail and respect for each of the subjects that sit in his chair. Not to mention his devilishly good looks.

There is something unique about his approach to the fashion industry and each person he comes into contact with. Anyone that is still excited about their work after 30 years deserves more than an award, they should get a statue in the middle of town.

Gregg Brockington is a native New Yorker who attended Parsons School of Design. “Fashion Design major, Steven Meisel, was my illustration professor. Yes, I dropped a celebrity name.”  Brockington worked as a hand-painted fabric designer for Halston, Ralph Lauren, and Mary McFadden.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself!

I think it was his skill as a salesperson, selling interior design fabrics, that enabled him to enter the beauty industry so successfully.

For many of us, today,  we think New York was the starting-ground for success. For many, that is a fact. But for Gregg Brockington, he admits, “I went to Italy. That is where I actually started my career. I lived there for a decade.”  So his attachment to Italy goes deep.  Seeing the pain of the Italian people is personal during these times of crisis.
“I feel that in these times, it’s important not to give up on oneself because we’re home and not physically connecting to others.”
While the beauty industry may not be an essential industry, I don’t see anyone letting go of themselves.  There is something about self care that goes beyond the basic purchases.  If you don’t feel good about yourself, yet, start from the outside and let the inside catch up. For me, something as basic as putting on lipstick, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner just makes me feel prettier.
But Brockington says that “We should be more attentive to our skincare while in isolation. Especially leading up to the wedding, this is one thing that can be done even if there is no human contact.”
We ask Gregg to give us some recommendations for the must-do routines and must-have products.
Below are some of our recommended items that are more like long-term investments.
We are going to start with the Estee Lauder Skin Foil Mask.
Then we are going to invest in the Jenny Patinkin roller.
Then we are going to move to acquire Gavee Gold by Tiffany Andersen, and receive 15% off all products including their Saltsalive products with code: GreggB.  We got your back.
Then we going to share with you our girl RiRi’s beauty line, Fenty Beauty.
Then our iconic supermodel Lana Ogilvie Cosmetics is not only working on making us beautiful,  she is committed to the care of our healthcare workers who are tirelessly working. With each purchase, you will not only get a 20% discount when use code: DB20, in addition, a portion of the proceeds go to frontline health care workers.
So, please don’t feel alone or forgotten.  Take this time for some self-care and know there are people like us and Gregg Brockington who are still are happily working and taking clients. To reach Gregg, feel free to contact him via social media @GreggBrockingtonmakeup or email at greggbrockington@hotmail.com.
Also, feel free to email World Bride Magazine’s beauty team at beauty@worldbridemagazine.com with any concerns and questions.  Stay home and enjoy the quiet time.

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