WBM Celebrates Love: Honoring The Message Of Love, The Kiley Way

As Summer comes to its official end in a few weeks, so much we’re once accustomed to taking place such as the kids going back to school, and preparing for NYFW. We would get excited about pulling out our Fall clothes in preparation for the upcoming cooler weather leading to the Winter months. But nothing feels familiar. There are so many uncertainties.

This past weekend WBM Wedding Production produced the sweetest intimate wedding soiree that reminded us of the true meaning of love. It wasn’t about the number of people in attendance but it was about the “who” was in attendance. And more importantly– the couple who was about to tie the knot. It brought me to the bittersweet memory of a wedding I produced last year for a young couple, Danielle and Mark Kiley.

Photographer Daniel Gallo

This beautiful couple reminded us of the most fantastic love stories one can dream of. The hopes and dreams of young love. The innocence of finally finding the one you love and wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with them no matter how long or short it may be. The lump you feel in your throat when you see each other, even in the absence of words, your eyes, a simple touch of one’s hands, the joy of just being in the same room. That is what I saw with these two– Danielle Vicidomini and Mark Kiley at their wedding.

Photographer Daniel Gallo (Makeup by Lilly Rivera and Hair by Janet Russo Bridal Gal)

Despite their large Italian and Irish family, they defied traditions and wanted to keep it simple, fun, and cozy. They decided they wanted to get married in a barn Upstate New York– The Fingerlakes. Four hours outside of the city, the scenic view the ride up was absolutely epic. To think New York had so much to offer, I sure didn’t.

Photographer Daniel Gallo

Mark and his family being the craftsmen they were created some beautiful accessories to keep with the theme of the wedding, and it was simply perfect. The taco truck sat right outside and served every sort of tacos imaginable. They chose to forfeit a wedding cake and stick with a donut cake. The flowers selected were her favorite flowers Sunflowers & babies breaths… every time I see Sunflowers I will always think of Danielle.

Friends and family came from all over the country to celebrate the love of this beautiful couple.

The music was absolutely maginificent… I don’t think anyone stayed off the dance floor– all ages enjoyed every moment.

So as many of you couples looking for guidance as you plan your wedding, think not of how to outdo the last wedding you saw or attended… think about the things that really matter. The who will be there… what special moments you will create… why each and every moment will have to count… because tomorrow is not promised in this lifetime.

I got a chance to chat with Mark the groom and share in his words why this was so precious to him.

Full name: Mark Andrew Kily & Danielle Vicidomini

What is your cultural background? American-Irish, American-Italian

Occupation: Mobile autobody technician & English Instructor.

How did you both meet? A friend introduced us in 2010.

When did you get married? On September 15, 2019.

When planning your wedding what was the most important thing? Fun atmosphere and maybe the food, haha.

Where did you get married? The Fingerlakes Upstate New York.

What inspired your wedding? Danielle really wanted a barn wedding mixed with a winery feel.

What does family mean to you? It means strength, love, and support.

What does love mean to you? Love means knowing your mate has all of your best interests at heart. And no matter what you go through you know they would.

What advice you would give to couples planning their wedding? Expect things to go wrong, and be okay with that. Everyone’s there to celebrate you and have a good time, the small details are just that, small. 

Photographer Daniel Gallo (Venue: Silver Queen Farm)

Photographer Daniel Gallo

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts fear out, because fear restrains us.” 1 John 4:18

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