Do Not Compromise Your Health–Makeup Artists Provide You With Valuable Tips & Recommended Products For Your Nuptials

As you continue to plan your wedding and continue to search for qualified beauty vendors that can safely provide you the services you need you want to know their back stories.

We caught up with two experts we love and asked them the questions you need to know the answers to.

The reality is that not all makeup artists are created equal. There are levels to this. And having expensive products, and the right tools does not qualify anyone to be called professional artists because they say they are… that includes me. I am not anyone’s makeup artist–but I have all the right tools.

So we caught up with some experts that are respected in the New York Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week industry and also make a living on working with you, our brides. They find you as valuable as any celebrity and supermodel out there they have worked with.

Meet Campbell Emmanuelle Theodora Ritchie  

“I believe breathtaking make-up is all about bringing out the beauty from within.” Campbell Ritchie.

Celebrity Vegan makeup artist, but more importantly animal, and climate change activist.

Campbell is a 27 year veteran of the industry and can be described as a more than a makeup Artist. She is an animal and climate change activist, using her platform and voice to do better, be better.

She describes her work ethics so beautifully, “It is more than makeup and cosmetics, I apply confidence, with love.”

I met this beautiful soul backstage of the elegantly designed Cho Cheng show during New York Fashion Week. Side bar–if you are a fabulous mother-of- the-bride or groom, you need to check out these frocks they are FABULOUS. And they make great looks for intimate soirees and meet the parents dinner. I digressed..

Campbell’s activism is a lifestyle for her, it is part of her life’s work–as I was trying to get this interview she was preparing for mission work in South Africa. Her commitment to people and beautiful things can be seen beyond the beautiful makeup that she applies to a person’s face. Even the very products she uses she stands by them.

This former ballerina was trained by some of the greatest of our industry–Francois Nars, founder of Nars Cosmetics, and the late GREAT Kevyn Aucoin.

How do you go about selecting the products to use on models and clients?
It’s a case by case situation. But it always starts with the skin.

What do you look for in products?
Clean, green, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable packaging! Nothing that’s harming our planet or environment or the animals.

Olive + M Campbell’s go to beauty products.

What draws you to a brand (product)?
Their ethos and mission statement must align with mine. If it doesn’t I always offer brands a solution to do better and be better some are easier than others. 

What are some tips you can give our brides who are looking to hire a professional for their special day?
Choose someone with experience in the fashion and beauty industry! You should look like the best version of yourself, this is your big day and you should choose someone who will keep you calm and collected on the day! I have a great friend who has an editorial Bridal makeup and hair team, available globally! 

We next caught up with Eloria Michelle–

“My biggest inspiration with makeup and skincare started with my mother and my inner circle of family and close friends. Eloria Michelle.

Our first exposure to anything in this life is usually from our immediate family. Our parents. People who raised us. The community we are surrounded by, those who nourish us and mold us to the sort of human beings we are today.

That is why representations matter. Skin is like DNA, while similar, and we all have it as part of our human formulation. It is also what makes us unique.

Photo by Hannah Soule Powderly Makeup by Eloria Michelle, Hair by Debra Hare-Bey.

Eloria’s Core Values On Skin Care

So it is imperative that we get to know our skin and use the proper products that will respond to it in a positive way and make us the best of who were were created to be.

On The Topic of Skin Types

Know your skin type. Judge whether the skin is oily, dry, a combination of both, or sensitive. You’ll want to buy products specifically for that type”, says Eloria Michelle is the CEO of Eloria Michelle Beauty & Wellness Concierge. She is also a veteran in the beauty industry with 16 years of beauty know-how.

What is your process for selecting products to use on your clients?

My selection process for a model and other clients normally starts with smooth and clear skin. You need a clear, smooth canvas to work with unless you’re specifically working on shots that demonstrate your cover-up skills (and even then, you probably don’t want to have to work too hard). One of the most important pieces of advice given to makeup to brides is to take care of their skin, so it’s reasonable to expect models to do so. 

What is the most important thing one must know about skin type that draws you to skin products?

What normally draws me to skincare products is anything medical grade, organic Dermatologist approved. I’m a huge fan of organic growth factors that bump up the skins natural collagen for a youthful appearance. Non-oily products that hydrate quickly without any kind of greasy film that would cause pore-clogging. 

Consider any skin issues. Think if you have any skin-related issue like wrinkles, marks, pimples, blackheads, or acne, you can buy products to help with that. Certain products may also cause burning or itching, or aggravate sensitive skin, so you want to be particularly careful if your skin is already sensitive.

Keep in mind any allergies you have. Read the ingredients of the skin products to avoid any issues.

Talk with a skincare expert. If you have specific skin issues and aren’t sure how best to help them, talk to a dermatologist/esthetician.

Stick with the regimen. Once you have your arsenal of skincare products on hand, following a careful regimen will give you the younger-looking, radiant, smooth skin you desire. Follow it faithfully and you will see amazing results within a few weeks.

What are some tips would you give our brides on booking a professional on your special day?

1. Get referrals/references and check them. ie Book a trial look at reviews.

2. Research, Research, Research.

3. Have a plan b you must anticipate challenges. It’s best to be overly prepared.

And there you have it, straight from the experts. Don’t compromise on your skincare routine. Know that products without proper skincare is meaningless. On your wedding day all your beauty needs start with the best version of you.

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