Why You Should Consider a Pop-Up Wedding

What if the only thing you had to do for your dream wedding was get dressed and show up? Enter: the pop-up wedding. 

Over the past few years the idea of having a pop-up wedding — an all inclusive celebration where everything is pre-arranged and you just show up – has steadily been growing in popularity as busy couples look for fun and stress free ways to tie the knot. 

Julia Loglisci is a sought after wedding photographer and cofounder of Pop Up Wedding Victoria, a company that specializes in creating romantic and intimate weddings for couples in Victoria, BC, Canada (all photos featured in her piece are via Julia Marie Loglisci Photography). Co-founded several years ago with her business partner, Sarah Scott, a Botanic Creative, Pop Up Wedding Victoria consists of a small team of “rockstar women” which includes Allison Jones of July’s Girl Cake Co. and Wedding Officiant, Amanda Tarling.  

{photo credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

At a time when we’re reimagining weddings, being in the business of creating intimate elopement style nuptials, Loglisci says, “the timing couldn’t be more perfect.” 

For $5000  Pop Up Wedding Victoria will plan a couple’s entire wedding ceremony. Included is your venue, photographer, officiant, flowers, a boutonniere, a bouquet, all the decorations, chairs and a custom cake. A rehearsal is also included in the package so that couples can get an idea of exactly what to expect on their wedding day. 

As Loglisci explains, “the reason it is so cheap is because the couples are sharing the venue with five other couples on that same day. We book the venue on a specific date, but we have five back to back weddings on that day.” 

{photo credits: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

How it works: each couple is given a time slot. You come in, get married, have champagne, cut the cake, mingle and then your wedding party moves on to the next destination if you’ve planned a reception to follow. While Loglisci and her team don’t plan the reception as part of their pop up wedding package, they’re more than happy to point couples in the direction of other local restaurants and vendors.  

{photo credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

From the cake and decorations to uniquely beautiful locations, Loglisci says to think of a pop-up wedding like, “a Vegas or courthouse style wedding but with all of the beautiful perks you’d want on your wedding day.” 

hoto credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

The result are beautifully curated and elegant wedding ceremonies with a distinctly chic and modern twist. Whether you’re dreaming of a garden-inspired ceremony somewhere like the beautiful Starling Lane Vineyard, a west-coast inspired wedding on a quiet beach or the rustic vibe of an urban setting like The Fort Common — a brick-lined courtyard that looks like what Pinterest fuelled daydreams are made of — Pop Up Wedding Victoria offer a picture-perfect venues that are as diverse as their couples. 

{photo credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

Along with inspiring venues and a keen eye for design, to pull off a great pop up wedding, Loglisci says organization and attention to detail are key — something she and her team have in spades. 

“We are incredibly organized and we plan these beautiful weddings that wedding planners would normally take months to plan. We keep things super simple and elegant. The result is a beautiful wedding that they’re not stressed about,” she says. 

{photo credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

Avoiding wedding stress is one of the main reasons couples decide to go the pop-up route. It’s also one of the reasons pop-up weddings are so appealing during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to planning a beautiful day, Loglisci and her team practice stringent safety protocols, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing everything between couples to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all guests.

“If you’re considering a pop-up wedding, you’re the kind of bride and groom that doesn’t care about spending a lot of money on one day. You’re the kind of bride and groom that doesn’t have the time to plan a big day and you also don’t care about trying to figure out how to invite 200 or 300 guests when those kinds of weddings aren’t even allowed right now,” says Loglisci.

{photo credit: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography + Pop Up Wedding Victoria

In other words, a pop up wedding is perfect for brides and grooms who just want to show up and not have to deal with the stress or financial burden of planning a wedding, especially during a global pandemic. As Loglisci shares, “maybe you have kids, maybe you’re saving up for a down payment on a home, a honeymoon or maybe you want to just get married and do a bigger reception in 2022 once you’re actually allowed to.” 

Whether you’re saying “i do” or renewing your vows with your beloved, a pop-up wedding provides a viable option for couples who want to get married in a way that’s safe, simple and stylish. After all, it may feel like everything is cancelled right now but celebrating love is still very much in vogue.

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