First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

What are the signs that signal us someone is ready to love? Do we ascribe familiar attributes to the person of potential? When meeting someone new we our preferences dictate much of the attraction we feel. This behavior can truly blind us to who the person is whilst masking the signs that show us the character and nature of the individual .

The challenge with this natural tendency is that we are not viewing the potential partner authentically. We are recreating narratives within our encounters and hoping the individual lives up to the illusion. Imagine then that behavior is brought into the dating phase even the marriage. Both partners are only seeing what they want and not truly what it is.

To effectively determine if you’re ready to love assess yourself first. Do you truly know you? Are you able to effectively communicate the vision you have for the partner and the life you desire? Answering these questions in total honesty is the hardest part of the game. Once this is sure in your mind and body then we begin to attract our desires. The energy we give off in any encounter will either repel non-suitors or draw in desirables. Dates and dinners become the platform where conversations reveal belief systems, sexual energy, and compatibility just to name a few.

Believe the person when you pick up on these moments. Leaving the unspoken non-desirable aspects to linger becomes the snare by which we start to see things that are not there. Women are infamous for doing this, I call it the P variable. Potential can be the death of first time dates; relationships in general. Do not be afraid to call it quits when we see signs that do not match up with healthy courting. The P Variable only shows its head when there is a small possibility you are choosing to settle. Think on that, we only allow potential to stick around when we ascribe to the idea that we must settle which shouldn’t be confused with compromising. Settling on belief systems and compatibility become the gateway for living unauthentic to our truest self. If we want different then we must not be afraid to do differently from the very beginning. As always we love to hear your version of the matter, please like follow and share.

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