Your Wedding Can Make A Difference–Vow For Girls Needs Your Help

When you have everything you need and dreamed of for your wedding what more can you ask for? Donations to help others who can use your help. It has become increasingly normal for couples to ask their guests to make donations to their favorite charities in lieu of wedding gifts. Couples who want to spread love have often asked their guests to do so with great success. You don’t have to be Harry and Meagan Markle to make a difference, but you will be in the great company of great couples who have taken that path.

The Founders and the mission behind Vow For Girls

We are proud to share with you a wonderful organization VOW For Girls. Founded by Mabel van Oranje, an avid human rights activist, who had an aha moment while attending a wedding where a couple requested donations in lieu of gifts. This moved her to consider “marrying” the wedding industry to the cause she championed and end the international child marriage crisis? Joined by Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation, VOW for Girls became a growing global movement that partners with brands and individuals to end child marriage. 

VOW for Girls’ global movement partners with brands and individuals to end the international child marriage crisis. Every three seconds a child becomes a bride somewhere around the world. By raising funds and awareness, VOW’s mission is to end child marriage by building a connected groundswell of love and support for every girl whose right to own her future is at risk. 

100% of the funds raised by VOW for Girls are invested in underfunded local efforts that advance girls’ rights by providing education, job training, and vital life skills, so girls can own their futures. VOW for Girls is a vow for the future. 

A message from the CEO

We had an opportunity to speak to the CEO of the foundation Clay Dunn who joined VOW for Girls in 2019 as the organization’s first Chief Executive Officer. You can hear his enthusiasm for the work being done by this organization and his desire to be a contributor to a society that desires to help others.

He explained how the value of collaborations with individuals, companies that want to help spread the message and improve the lives of young girls and their families around the world.

As we approach New York Bridal Fashion Week this week, October 6-8, 2021, one of the most respected designers in the industry will once again be the leading brand that promotes this message–Justin Alexander for the International Day of The Girls. His support and countless others will help “Stop the Clock” on child marriage and ensure that every girl can choose love on her own terms and follow her dreams.

Therefore, while October 4 to 11, 2021 maybe International Girls Day–your donations can go well beyond the week. Your wedding day can educate countless guests about the cause while raising money.

The wedding community will continue to celebrate love while protecting those facing challenges. To learn more about the organization please visit the website and follow them on all their social media platforms.

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