Where It All Begins Six Bridal Houses Give Us A Sneak Peek Of Your Wedding Dress

As the industry gears up to celebrate New York Fashion Bridal Week, we caught up with six fashion houses to get you a sneak peek of how it all begins.

Each bridal house shared with us a few sketches of what is to come and how each gown begins with the simple process of a sketch to bring to life your breathtaking masterpieces.

Just like your wedding is a full production, creating a wedding gown is a production that starts with a dream, a vision before the work even begins. The collections are planned well in advance just like your wedding day even arrives. So what you are about to see is just a teaser of some of the behind-the-scenes work that gets invested in making your dream come true.

Allison Webb’s inspiration continues to make hundreds of women’s dreams come true. This upcoming collection emphasizes understated luxury. ” I wanted to focus on what the brand is known for craftsmanship, construction, timelessness, and sophistication. Luxurious jacquard and Mikado fabrics are present throughout and are accompanied by modern patterns and lightweight, fully embroidered gowns. There is a little bit of something for everyone!”

Blush is the artwork of Francesca Avila Pitera that takes her place back on the creative helm of JLM Couture’s beloved Blush collection. The collection byline will be called Blush by Francesca Avila, nodding to her family’s maiden name and Spanish heritage. Bringing an elevated sense of romance and innovation, Francesca’s designs will infuse Blush with a fresh perspective, characterized by effortless elegance and femininity. 

HOUGHTON will debut at NYBW for 2021 Season 1, Polk has taken the reins of her groundbreaking brand Houghton, founded in 2011. As the Creative Director, Polk has pumped new energy and creativity into the business and has merged it with her namesake brand Katharine Polk to create a powerhouse Bridal brand for the independent woman Katharine has been dressing for over 10 years. Polk will bring back her classic Houghton styles that exude the brand’s DNA while tapping into the archives to design new boundary-pushing collections. Every collection is made sustainably in Los Angeles in sizes 00-30. Polk’s namesake brand which mainly focuses on her custom business will complement the wholesale business that drove Houghton to sell in 14+ countries. 

Katherine Tash this Fall 2022 Collection is titled “Body & Soul”. The inspiration behind the collection expressed by the designer is “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.” – Pride and Prejudice // I fell in love this year, and I wanted to create a collection that felt like love in all ways – love for your partner, and self-love. This new collection is a celebration of love and the female form. If the past year taught me anything, it was to simplify, both in life and in design. I learned so much about myself, and about my brides, and focused the direction of our brand into what women were telling me that they want – modern gowns, with classic undertones and supportive structure. We used silk fabrics that drape in easy silhouettes against the body but still have supportive interiors built-in and maintained our classic balance of trend-conscious but not trend-driven design. Our gowns are for the woman who knows who she is, she appreciates design and quality, and wants to look singularly herself on her wedding day. “

Sophie et Voila was born with an aspiration for timelessness that we are clearly achieving. The ICON Collection breathes minimalism and non-fashion style, two concepts that 21st-century brides have made their own. Every year, we reissue some styles from our old collections giving them a new look, more contemporary styles, and more fashionable content, demonstrating that classic design is independent of trends and is capable of lasting in time. That, in addition to character, is sustainability. “At Sophie Et Voilà we never forget our commitment to the planet and that is why we do not discard any design, but rather we adapt it to new needs. Personality, consciousness, and timelessness are the three pillars on which we base this new ICONS capsule.”

Stefania Everenn: Collection debut collection boasts romantic shapes, timeless designs, and modern features. With versatility, quality, and size inclusivity as priorities, this collection allows brides to find a dress for multiple occasions including their wedding day, engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon. Crafted in the heart of New York City, “we take inspiration from the practicality of everyday life and the dreams we hold inside.”

As you move forward with your wedding plans, keep in mind that there is a whole team of people behind the scene dreaming with you and it all started with a sketch.

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