Live Love & Be Wed In Mexico–Conrad Punta de Mita

According to tradition, the wedding season is now here. The moment the weather starts to turn a little warm, and the first hint of flowers start to bloom, we begin to see more and more people tying the knot.  The Wedding Report predicted after two years of delays and cancellations, one report estimated 2022 would be the biggest year for the wedding industry since 1984; approximately 2.5 million nuptials would take place in the United States in 2022.

It has  been reported that some people are planning their nuptials during the week, which has always been the case for many other cultures. If you have been in the wedding industry as long as I have, this is not a new trend. It used to be because the rates were more affordable, now I think it is simply because many couples are unable to confirm their desired date, and are forced to accept the fact that prime wedding dates are a ceremonious  issue and couples are forced to take  whatever dates are available.

I must admit, I am a true excursionist; and after more than two years of being confined to my home, it is now time to discover America again. I did enjoy taking a few quick trips to other states to discover America the beautiful, although I still feel the need to get my passport stamped. However, I am  not certain as to the complexity of the process to travel here and abroad. When the opportunity presented itself, for WBM to travel to Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, Conrad Punta de Mita to be more specific, it was a serious consideration. 

What does weekday weddings have to do with Mexico? Wait, I will get to it. If 2022 is predicted to be the year of the most weddings, yet you are fixated on getting married on a specific date, why not seriously consider having a destination wedding? Ahhh. Why Mexico, you ask? I will give you several reasons and you can take it from there– you, your beloved and your wedding planner.

Facts about Mexico

The US dollar is currently stronger– you get more for your buck. Depending on where you are traveling from it is less than 6 hours away. We are based in New York, so in less than 5 hours I was taking shots of Tequila at the airport.

The Mexican culture is rich with history and art, and the people are friendly. The gastronomy is absolutely amazing and the beaches are exquisite.

Let’s face it. After two years, we all need to work on our tan after being stuck in the house.

There are countless airlines that can take you there and you can earn some pretty hefty miles. JetBlue happens to be one of my favorites, their team was laser-focused on excellent customer service and took great care of me and my associate editor.

Upon arrival at the gated- property, we knew we had entered paradise. The lush gardens were  a breath of fresh air after coming from the concrete jungle of NYC. We desperately needed to take a break from the endless sounds of construction and traffic that has magically turned our streets and highways into parking lots and trying to function in a city that sorely needs more parking spaces.Now, with that behind us we officially established that it was an imperative for us to change our scenery. This location is a wonderful place to escape the pressures of city life.

The Conrad Punta de Mita, staff immediately greets you at the entrance, check-in is swift and pleasant,  offering  luggage assistance,  tasty refreshments and assistance to escort you to your room. We took it all in. The ocean view room, with an outdoor jacuzzi was just what the doctor ordered. Once I did my tour of what would be my home for the next four days, I quickly showered and slipped into the cozy robe and jumped into bed for my siesta. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud. I definitely knew I was sleeping on Frette sheets. I was gone.

We attended the welcome dinner, the cuisine was simply tantalizing. What we didn’t expect was the incredible customer service that began from registering at the front desk and continued throughout  the next four days. The staff of Conrad Punta de Mita were exemplary and is clearly following the Hilton Family’s commitment of impeccable service. We can confidently report back to you, our loyal readers, that our consensus is that this property is worthy of hosting your wedding. As a publication entrusted with such a responsibility we take that to heart. Our mission was to find flaws, and challenges, to look for issues, concerns that would impact your vision, the execution of your dream wedding. We know that with all the options you have, why should you settle for anything–especially when you have dealt with so much. We are proud to say that  if you must travel for such an occasion; it must be beyond exceptional.

We are pleased to report that if we had to rate the venue based on staff solely, hands down they would have earned your business. After all, it is a chain hotel, the old saying goes, “if you have seen one, you have seen them all.” Nope, I respectfully disagree. Happy staff makes for an extraordinary experience. And, an attentive staff anticipates your needs, and gives you what you didn’t know you wanted. They can sense your energy, and know when you need privacy, distance, and when you need to be doted on. We experienced that from the moment we walked in. Their wedding planning team is well versed on a variety of cultural wedding traditions and ancillary aspects such as Jewish weddings, and Indian weddings, which tend to have a few  restrictions and specific requirements when it comes to their cuisine. The team is prepared to help you navigate through your needs to plan a beautiful wedding.

The property is equipped with various activities for you, your beloved and your traveling guests. There are three pools, on the grounds and access to the beach and there are a myriad of activities to do. Additionally, on the premises is a small market for those moments you want to snack and shop for goodies,  a boutique for your fashion needs for those of you who may have forgotten your swim attire and loungewear and a lovely relaxing center that is an oasis that offers more than just massages, as well as a cleansing service that will help you release the anxiety and stress of the city life you left behind and just simply enjoy the peace and tranquility for a few days to rejuvenate to face life again.

To sum up our experience, it was wonderful and  if you are still challenged in your quest for the perfect location or securing the desired date to plan your nuptials, why not consider Conrad Punta de Mita and take a quick trip and check it out for yourself. Don’t take our word for it, just try it. Tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.

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