How To Find The Right Wedding Suit – The Guidelines That You Need To Follow

Just got engaged? Well, congratulations! Get ready as you enter the world of crazy wedding planning. Invitation cards, venue, food, photography, and videos are the biggest ticket items in the preparation list that couples need to sort before the big day.

But if there’s one thing that is often left out in the preparation until the very end, it’s the groom’s tuxedo or the wedding suit. And before you know it, you’re slowly falling into the pit of panic. It’s a red flag!

What will the groom wear? Should he buy a new suit, rent or just pull out something from his closet. And what’s best to wear? A tuxedo, a tie, a vest with a tie or something else entirely?

For the grooms-to-be, no need to worry. When it comes to buying the right suit or tuxedo, the rule of thumb is to be relatively straightforward. But, there are some guidelines that you need to follow. Of course, the earlier you start canvassing for the right suit, the better.

Just like the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s wedding suit should be equally special. The following tidbits of inputs can give you practical guidance. Read this article carefully, and you’ll be fashionably dressed while waiting for your bride in the aisle.


How Formal Is Your Wedding?


What is the motif of your wedding? Church or garden? Country casual? Beach or ballroom? These are some of the questions that soon-to-wed couples will be asking themselves. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the level of formality in the venue is the biggest factor of your wedding day attire.

Choosing the right wedding suit for the groom relies on how formal the wedding will be. For example, a very formal wedding will likely require a black-tie event. For a very casual wedding, other rules may apply. Take your cue from the examples below.


Let’s take a look at beach wedding as an example. The groom will need a wardrobe with breathable fabric to keep him comfortable. It could be cotton or linen. As for the shoes, it will probably be something casual as well.

There are cases where the groom just wears a pair of comfortable slippers. It’s fine—after all, you’ll be standing in the sand. It’s also advisable to choose a tan or other light-colored fabric that will suit the beach theme wedding.


Formal looks are probably the most familiar wedding theme. It’s the standard look of every wedding. The range starts from dark suit up to tuxedo with black tie.

Wearing a tuxedo is already a standard fashion for men. However, it’s a different case with a black suit. Choose suits with peaked lapels which will give the suit a formal and confident look. Moreover, choose a suit with soft and delicate fabric, something smooth to touch like satin.


We’re through with formal outfits, now let’s tackle semi-formal fashion. If the wedding has a semi-formal theme, the groom is probably not supposed to wear a tuxedo. It could be a garden, beach or black-tie themed wedding.

If you consider the venue for these themes, it could be an open space, a chic barn, flower gardens, etc. For this instance, it’s ideal for the groom to choose a three-piece wedding suit. It may seem formal but not if you choose a softer shade, something in a navy or gray tone color. Avoid pinstripes because they are more suitable for work than a wedding.


Getting The Right Fit Is Important

The most important thing for choosing the right wedding suit is the fitting. Regardless if the groom chooses to wear a vest, a t-shirt or a tuxedo, right fitting is what matters the most.

Short sleeves, pants that are too long, baggy jeans, etc. are just a big no-no for a wedding. These items of clothing don’t just look bad; they also hide the beauty of the person wearing them. People should see the groom looking well-dressed and fit in his wedding suit. When clothes appear sloppy, it can be distracting and noticeable in person, which will only ruin the photo sessions afterward.

It’s best to consult an expert when it comes to suits and tuxedos. No matter where you choose to shop, make sure that you have someone who will help you look for the best suit that fits well. The same advice applies if you choose to wear something that’s already in the closet.

One good way to update an old suit is through careful tailoring. But, of course, you need to be honest with yourself, if the suit doesn’t look right for you, then shop for a new piece.


Don’t Be Afraid To Splurge

It’s normal for couples to stick to the wedding budget. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be a thrifty soul on your wedding day. Spending a little farther for your wedding day is something that you can justify, be it for a wedding gown or a wedding suit.

In the years to come, you probably won’t remember much about the food you served to the guests or the table settings. But, you’ll remember what you wore because of the wedding photos. It doesn’t mean that you need to wear a ridiculously expensive suit. Spending more on your marriage than you would on a day-to-day basis is what makes the wedding special.

It’s also good to remember that wedding photographers will make you pose in different ways for the photo shoot afterward. It may cause typical wrinkling, so make sure to stand straight when trying on suits.

Below are some helpful considerations that you can use when looking for the right wedding suit:


When buying a suit, the first thing to check is the cut of shoulder lines. It’s the most important part of the suit as it helps shape a man’s body.

The shoulder line should be flat, and the span from the neck to the tip of the shoulder should be equal to the actual length of your shoulder. There should be no clumping at the top portion of the shoulder line.

Pants, Slacks or Trousers

There are different styles of pants, slacks, and trousers that can suit weddings. Again, the important consideration should always be the right fitting.

It shouldn’t be too long or too short. It shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy.  It’s also a wise practice to wear shoes when trying on pants, slacks or trousers.

For the length of the trouser, trouser break should be the yardstick of good length. Trouser break is where the pants folders’ fold slightly on the tip of the shoes.

For the buttocks part, or whatever you like to call it, proper fitting in this area is also a major consideration in the fit of the suit. The pants, slacks or trousers should fall over the seat without wrinkling too much. If you can see lines, it could mean that the pants are too large or too tight.

If it’s too large, you can have it resized by a tailor. However, a tailor can’t do much if the pants are too tight.

Suit Jacket

A regular suit jacket has many parts, but the most important factor is to get the correct sizes for each part. For the sleeve length, it should show the shirt cuff for about a half inch or so, but not too much.

For the jacket length, it should align with the middle of your fingers and pass the curve of your buttocks. As for the collar, there shouldn’t be a space between the shirt’s collar and the collar of the suit jacket. The collars should rest against each other, and there shouldn’t be any clumping.

Take into consideration the buttons too. There’s a so-called tight ‘x shape’ that tight jackets will create when you close the top buttons. You need to avoid this because it means that there’s a strain on the button. It can also create tension in the back or shoulders.


For the longest time, shoes are always an afterthought when it comes to wedding day attire. Fortunately, things are different now. Men finally learn how to step up the style at stake by wearing trendy shoes that will allow them to showcase their charm and personality.

Below are the shoe options that you may want to consider:

  • Two-Tone Brogues – Brogues are fashion staple shoes for men with good sense of style. These shoes are also versatile and blend with different looks. From casual jeans to trousers and wedding suit.
  • Boots – Teaming your suit with boots is one way to stamp out the traditional shoe. It even lends a stylish charisma to the overall appeal of the wedding suit.
  • Classic and Dapper – From traditional leather up to the patent numbers,  a classic and neat pair of shoe can make a big difference.
  • Moccasins – For the casual groom to the seriously smart up style to the casual gentlemen,  moccasin is a great alternative; they will look great in a sleek suit.


Regardless if you’re a clothes person or not, choosing the right wedding suit or tux is a fun experience. Look fresh and dapper in the biggest day of your life. While enjoying the process, it’s a good idea to follow the formal wear rules for a rewarding wedding experience.


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