We are one click away from weddings in the Metaverse

Would you celebrate your wedding in the metaverse? Do you think there is a place for it? Absolutely! This new trend is just arriving!

As a mother of two, I have witnessed how important it is for my children their virtual life. For them, it is as important to be well dressed in real life, as it is to have a super cool “skin” to show to their friends, at virtual events. In cases like in Fornite or Roblox, kids can buy their skins and accessories with real or virtual money. That is why today, we may see that there are many brands that, little by little, are showing their virtual stores in the metaverse, offering now their new virtual products.

In the fashion industry, we have seen brands like Nike wich have landed in the metaverse and also we have recently celebrated our first Metaverse Fashion Week. So now I wonder: Is there a place for a virtual wedding in the metaverse?

New business opportunities

The wedding industry is extremely strong, therefore most weddings may generate jobs and money for many people. Designers, wedding planners, make-up artists, hairdressers, and a huge number of suppliers that come from different sectors work together in weddings. So I believe that given the possibility of celebrating weddings within the metaverse, will bring to all of them new business opportunities.

I think that this would be a great job opportunity mainly for illustrators and computer specialists, but also to providers who could expand their range of services, thus their possibilities of expanding their business in ways that do not exist today.

On this occasion I have decided to interview a consumer trends specialist. Her name is Angie Ramos Mejia. She is a Trend Analyst & Consultant for agencies with an extense retail experience like RP1 and Analysales. She works alongside brands to define their vision and designs purpose-driven strategies that enhance their customer journey. In this interview, she shares her thoughts and insights about Metaverse with WBM.

The interview

So Angie; you were recently one of the speakers at a GRA webinar about Trends & Shifts in retail, with other international specialists…I found that the way you understand the Metaverse and it’s business opportunities in retail is quite interesting. I would like to know your thoughts about this new way of consuming but focusing on weddings.

But first…what exactly is the Metaverse?

Metaverse can be explained as your own personal video game, where you get to experience the same elements of your physical life but in a digital environment.

You can access through your computer or any other tech device. Once you are in you get to design your own appearance, go to parties, buy real estate, and any other activity you do in real life.

Do you think a Metaverse wedding would be possible?

Absolutely. The fashion industry has deep diven into the Metaverse. It has taken advantage of the many possibilities it has, to capitalize and reinforce the client engagement with the brand. And the bridal sector has followed closely. A Metaverse wedding can be the opportunity for guests to attend that special moment without the need of physically being there. It can be a second celebration for those who had a small ceremony because of pandemic lockdown, or the opportunity of adding an extra, digital, layer to your traditional celebration.

How far do you think this will be a must in any celebration?

It is already a MUST! Metaverse is the best example of a rapid-pace evolution trend. We already see weddings that take place in this scenario, even for those who dreamed their whole life with a rom-com ceremony. This is because the Metaverse is seen as a tool, a plus, even for those who are not “digital wood”. Inside it you can be whoever you want to be. You can give a toast dressed as Princess Leia in the Metaverse, and again in real life a couple of minutes later, wearing your maid of honor dress.

This technologies’ main purpose is to bring people together: they respond to the need of feeling connected to each other, and the time for that could not be better.

Which vendors do you think could be the most benefited?

The sky is the limit! We mentioned that in the Metaverse you can rent a place to throw your digital party. Well, you can also visit your real-life party suppliers. Every vendor from venues, attire rentals, hair stylists, or rental companies for decor can use the Metaverse as their own catalog, for brides and grooms to browse. It is important to keep in mind that people go to the Metaverse to see what they can do, and stay there for what they can be.

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