Modern Bride Has Options Wearing Yolancris

Yolancris is a name that may not a familiar brand to too many brides today. But they are totally worth looking into for all you modern brides. Their runway show at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week was joyful, and youthful.

The collection was reminiscent of a variety of time periods with a modern twist that made it very fashion forward.

The essence of the brand and collection is explained by the designer for this modern woman

She, the woman, the gender and uniqueness of each and every woman. The individuality, the  personal history behind each of them, their struggles, their achievements, their dreams… in  conclusion, an exquisite puzzle that draws the style of every woman. 

Yolancris was born with a powerful purpose: to revolutionize the bridal sector by creating  wedding dresses under the excellence of artisanal haute couture and accommodating all types  and styles of women. The brand took the challenge and we finally go beyond the cliché of the  conventional bride so as to accompany the personality of each of them on their big day. 

A diversity that aims to be a tribute to women and their fighting spirit. A diversity that is born  from an active listening and that reflects the brand’s commitment to the authenticity and  freedom of women. 

Unveiling the key elements behind SHE SS23 

We continue with a symphony where boho, anti-Bride style and haute couture, are part of  remarkably rich and complex designs that fulfill the purpose of adapting our gowns,, better than  ever, to the essence of each and every woman. 

When we asked about who is the bride that would wear and appreciated Yolancris, here is who she is: “SHE is, above all, a tribute to women, to their authenticity and natural beauty.

“I wanted to take into account the opinions of my clients. So we’ve made a compilation of all of  them, we’ve listened to what our followers are saying, and I’ve wanted to land all these opinions  in this collection.” The collection reflects the work of craftsmanship that is breathed in Yolancris’ own atelier.

In our bridal collection 2023 the diversity of silhouettes and styles prevails: princess, mermaid,  short dresses, with volume, … AND is that SHE is an extremely rich collection because, this time,  our creative director, Yolanda Pérez, has wanted to reach more women, making them feel  identified and valued. 

The sensual and elegant boho, the chic, irreventive and irresistible anti bride and the haute  couture bride. The excellence and exquisiteness of the fabrics continues to be one of the hallmarks of the  brand: crepe, embroidered tulles, taffeta, silk, cotton, 3D inlays on tulle. A variety consistent  with the diversity of styles of our brides and our desire to modernize the bride, in order to  provide her strength and authenticity. 

We have worked this bridal collection over different themes, flanking our signature corsetry  details, lace embellishments and belly-revealing crop tops with edgier looks, such as short frocks  sprouting feathers and minimalist column dresses with high slits featuring cutouts and hardware  details. 

The two pieces are playing an important role in our latest collections. Why? Because it helps our  customers to wear and enjoy our unique pieces more times, providing different looks and styles. 

Asymmetries and intelligent cuts that elevate the female figure and the essence of the purest  sensuality. Short dresses, look 60s irreverent and chic at the same time. So And contemporary princesses with their own style wrapped in tulles and embroidered with  exquisite rhinestones. 

Here are favorites.

Embracing diversity and empowerment: Yolancris’ trilogy  

Touch extolled the resilience born during the pandemic; a new generation with new tastes and  needs. Yolancris accommodated the anti-bride look. 

In Origins we took up our essence; our passion and defense of the artisanal processes that are  around sewing. We recovered the boho bride style of which we were pioneers in the bridal  sector. 

Now, the SHE continues with the values of Touch and Origins, but with a firm commitment that  highlights the individuality and authenticity of each bride. 

Where can you find Yolancris?

You can find our stores here 

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