The Art of Gifting Things People Need And Want A Sheila Gray Collectible

Choosing gifts for people may not be as simple of as task as one may want to think it is, whether you are the giver or the one in the recipient end. How many of us had to be the one to purchase a gift for someone you know and still found it challenging? You want to give things to people they will cherish and find meaning, while showing them you put effort into it.

For the sake of this article we are going to introduce you to a wonderful product that was brought to our attention by one of our favorite designers–Sheila Gray. Sheila Gray has a long history in the fashion world. Gray introduced her couture line of tee shirts and bag collections for the bride just in time for wedding season. These series of items are hand designed and produced in New York City. Her items are designed with love and intention.

These beautifully designed work of art that is delicately crafted have a story behind them. Sheila Gray herself tells us her inspiration behind The Sheila Gray Collection (SGC), ” it is about promoting a positive relationship between the wearer/user and the skin they’re in, when we feel good about ourselves, we project a positivity that attracts positivity. In turn builds on itself and amplifies goodness in the world. I would like the wearer or user of my products to see in each of them a reflection of their best self, whether it be in a T-shirt that I’ve designed, or an accessory. I am a staunch believer of self-love and self-worth being essential to fostering a love and value of oneself. Which creates a value of humanity and a represents the beauty God made us all with that is so often overlooked in modern society.”

These exquisite items are now available on our very own WBM Merchandise boutique on this website, along with some of our favorite items for you our readers, fans and supporters to purchase and gift to the people you love. When you use the our WBMSG2022 code you will get 10% of all your purchases. Please remember to tag us on all your items and be featured on our social media platforms to show our appreciation for supporting small businesses and women in business.

About the Designer

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology graduating Magna Cum Laude, Gray first caught the attention of designer Tracy Reese in New York as an intern.  She then brought her design and practical experience to renowned designer Byron Lars where she currently serves as public relations manager and design coordinator of his Beauty Mark label.  Working side by side with Byron and Byron Lars Beauty Mark for 13 years and 3 months now.  Establishing Public Relations, social media networks and helping Byron and the team to further launch the brand into new frontiers.

While also creating and establishing her brand the The Sheila Gray Collection.  A Unique high quality, handmade and hand crafted “Outfit Maker” accessories collection.

The Sheila Gray accessories collection was fabricated through a personal health challenge that I faced in 2012, which fortunately resulted in not only my now good health, but also this labor of love coming forth.

So no more giving meaningless and useless gifts. Everything we do and say will be filled with purpose. Now join the amazing list of collectors of the Sheila Gray Collection. Happy shopping.

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