Sweet Switzerland


So recently, I had a couple of weeks off and I wanted to take a trip. I wanted to go somewhere I could relax, eat well, breathe some fresh air and flirt. Yes, I said flirt. I’m a 30-something year old woman, single, no kids, and a little flirting never hurt anyone. As a matter of fact, I once heard that flirting was good for your health and boosted the immune system. Now, who doesn’t want a healthy immune system? My mind started imagining all types of places I wanted to visit, however, my pockets are more on the conservative side, so I decided to stay exactly where I am…Switzerland. Sure Switzerland is a tad expensive compared to other places, but there’s plenty to do on a modest budget. Walking through their exquisite and quiet streets costs nothing, and yet you gain so much. You never know whom you’ll meet and the conversations that can come up. One thing I can say about the Swiss, they sure are polite.

During the first few days of my vacation, I crossed off my list the following:

– Relaxation

– Fresh air

– Good food


I erased flirting because well…it’s Switzerland and it isn’t exactly known for it’s Casablanca-like streets, or Paris terraces. Boy, was I wrong. I never imagined Switzerland having romantic elements like the Big Apple or Italy. When Switzerland is mentioned in a conversation most people think of cheese, the alps, banks and very cold winters. But let me tell you, you have it all wrong. Switzerland is actually one of the most romantic places I’ve ever visited. Between the Movenpick ice cream, the wine, the bread and the vineyards—it’s very easy to find yourself smiling and feeling warm on the inside. Sure the weather is unpredictable and most stores, boutiques and cafes in the French part are closed on Sundays; and yet sitting in the vineyards near Chexbres on a sunny day, looking across the lake at France, is undeniably breathtaking. Grab a couple of bottles of wine, a salad in a bag, a lemon tart and have yourself a lovely little picnic right there in the vineyards.






If you really want to ignite your imagination, take a stroll in the Jazz Capital of Switzerland—Montreux. Have a coffee or take some pictures in front of The Montreux Palace. This luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Leman is where a princess meets her prince. Any time of the year is the right time to visit this gorgeous edifice. Lausanne Palace & Spa is also a beauty. Here you can meet up with girlfriends and enjoy an afternoon of pampering, girl-talk and a delicious glass of wine and chocolates.

There is a soft current of electricity and subtle spontaneity that can be felt in Switzerland. No, it’s not New York City, it’s not Paris, it’s not even the Bahamas; it is, however, sweet Switzerland.


About the author:

Madafi Pierre is an author, artist, performer, educator and motivational speaker. She was born in sunny, South Florida and raised in Miami and Switzerland. As the daughter of two very colorful and avant-garde Haitian immigrants, Madafi visited places such as the Louvre and Pere Lachaise, and was exposed to the works of Alexandre Dumas and Albert Camus; and listened to the music of Miriam Makeba and Edith Piaf at a very young age. It was through these experiences and traveling that a young Madafi recognized the power of words and the arts.

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