Qatar: The Playground for the Big Boys

Diamonds Are Forever Yacht
The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys ~ Doris Rowland
World Bride Magazine invades Qatar. Recently, evidenced as one of the richest countries in the world per capita. This desert oasis has made a name for itself in the Middle East as they spare no expense to living and entertainment. Best known for it’s beautiful scenic views and luxurious lifestyle, Qatar is steadily growing in tourism and being known for their Big Boy Toys. From super fast motorcycles—futuristic like builds—to water sports and gadgets that propel you 15-20 ft. in the air, a modern day superman on water that is. Two small little hand held gadgets sure to turn up at your next wedding event or bachelor party.
The concept of bachelor parties has evolved from hotel rooms and drinks to more exclusive hotspots and toys. A new item hot on the waters here in Doha is the Water Jet Pack–JetLev, as it has risen into the top as highest-rated fun and expense. Let’s dry off and head back to land. Quad biking is a favorite here with the locals. Gather the fellas and head on out to the desert set up for a king, I mean sheik. While your there, each of your guests is fitted with their own Yamaha Raptor 1000cc quad ATV. For the more reserved bachelor, the jet awaits to commandeer you and your closest friends to a yacht in the middle of the Persian Gulf while you enjoy fine cuisine and private entertainment. Whether by land or by sea, Qatar has something for every kind of bachelor and every kind of budget. So if the Middle East is your bachelor destination—live a little.
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