Is Fashion Really Serious About Sustainability?

New York Fashion Week is one of the most important times of the year for the fashion industry. Besides driving amazing press, countless business from all over the globe, and travelers to the city that never sleeps, it brings some not-so-positive concerns about the fashion industry.

Consumers and industry leaders, alike, have brought up deep concerns about sustainability and the impact it has on our planet. Since WBM’s mission has moved in the direction of sustainability, we wanted to address this topic and highlight several designers and business that love the planet as much as you do—and who are doing everything possible to ensure that fashion operates in a responsible way. This will not happen overnight, and it will require all to contribute toward the movement that is taking place.

First up, is from my home borough: Consignment Brooklyn, formerly know as Eva Gentry Consignment. Eva Dayton opened her doors in 1999, over 20 years ago! This chic boutique is on Atlantic Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the city, with some of the most eclectic business. You can go home shopping, bridal dress shopping, cake shopping, jewelry shopping, and antique shopping, then transition to grabbing nourishment at one of the many restaurants, such as Bacchus, our favorite hotspot for great brunches.

I was honored to have gotten Eva’s attention on short notice, because I wanted to get her perspective on sustainability and fashion during the busiest times of the year (wedding season and New York Fashion Week) which were happening back-to-back, leading up to NY Bridal Fashion Week.

When did you know this was your calling?

“As a kid (and a fashion magazine junkie) I knew I had a passion for FASHION. Growing up with nothing, I would dream about the CK jeans I saw in magazines and always said to myself, “One day I will be wearing them.” I started shopping at all the second-hand shops in Philly (where I’m from) and made my mom drive me to all of them. So I was a “second-hand digger” from an early age. And I just LOVE it! Im just a stylist at heart.”

Do you feel that the fashion industry and sustainability can co-exist?

“I 100% believe sustainably and fashion can co-exist. It’s the here-and-NOW, and the future of shopping. There’s always something to buy, but when you find that bag from 1980, and it’s in perfect condition, and no one else has it, you get excited, inside and out! At least I do!”

As a respected figure in the fashion industry, why do you think it’s important that we do our part to be socially responsible?

“As a well-respected leader in the second-hand and pre-loved space, I believe we can all share and educate our friends on how important it is to shop locally and shop pre-loved. There is a lot of reading to give out about how to recycle what you have. Most of it comes into my store, Consignment Brooklyn. #luxsecondhand”

The best part of this wonderful engagement with Eva was getting the first-class treatment in her boutique. I do have to admit, before conducting this interview, I had been a loyal customer. I have found countless gems for several important engagements (weddings, fashion shows, speaking engagements) that required something special. It has never been above me to buy consignment. I learned early-on in life, from my mother, that you can always find valuable pieces in the right stores, in the right neighborhoods. My mom was, and continues to be, very stylish and well dressed. She was the first person that exposed my sister and me to consignment stores all over the city, so seeing Consignment Brooklyn brings back loving memories.

Rent The Runway isn’t the only fabulous option out there. You can also reach back in time and find something exquisite at Consignment Brooklyn, and even rid your closet(s) of valuable pieces that someone else can appreciate and make into a fashion statement.

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