Look As Beautiful As You Feel–Beauty Finds & Great Gifts

If you are anything like me, your beauty closet is a small beauty supply store. Some of my greatest gifts were beauty products.

From your hair to your toenails you have a countless amount of products that promise to enhance your natural beauty, grow your hair and nails, remove something or other, have your skin glowing, your lashes touching your eyebrows to name a few beauty miracles.

But how does stop short of going broke buying everything that comes out on the market if you don’t try them?  Unfortunately for some, and fortunately for others who love trying things you are going to have to test things out and see if they work.  This does not mean you throw caution to the wind and buy everything new on the market.  Read the ingredients in everything, read reviews and ask your beauty professional what are some of the best recommendations for your skin, and hair type.  Beauty experts love to share.


Bumble & Bumble, OMHH (Vegan Products), NeuHair, Garner, Monat, Derma Organics

Starting with your hair– not all hair texture has the same needs.   Understand your hair pattern and give it what it needs.

Straight hair tends to be oily, so avoid products that have to much oil in them.

For those of us with curly hair, it tends to be a little dry so don’t be afraid to moisturize your scalp as well as the actual hair.  A healthy scalp makes for a great foundation for healthy hair that is the end result.

But before you get to that– shampoo and conditioner is a really important part of the healthy hair process.  Find a shampoo that doesn’t strip one’s hair of all its natural elements. But be very careful about the amount of washing you do base on your hair texture.  Curly hair tends to require less shampooing then straight hair.  More conditioning and moisturizing.

We found some great products that are easily accessible to everyone from your better beauty supply stores and now online for you to try.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the brands and give them feedback if something is not working the way you expected it to work.


Rodial, Bliss, Paris Hilton, Lano, Naturally Serious, Karuna, Glamsquad Morning Glow, Bubbling Bath Salt, Youth To The People

Skincare does NOT begin with what you see.  No matter how much makeup you put on your face–no matter how expensive it is if you don’t start internally–with your diet it is simply not going to work.  You are what you eat.  And your skin is simply the end result of a great diet or poor diet.

Once you have a healthy routine with your diet.  It will be reflected in your skin– your skin is your canvas.

Now you can go shopping and start investing in products that will enhance your skin type and help you manage your beautiful canvas.

Remember not all products work the same on all skin types.  What works for your bestie won’t have the same results on you.  Don’t compare.


Nanacoco Nncc, Artistic Color, Lime Crime, Revlon

Have fun with Colors!  From the moment you get engaged you should be playing around with products. You will have countless occasions to go out, meet new family members, and celebrate with family and friends,  these are the best time for you to play around with products and color.  Take all those opportunities to simply indulge in various makeup types, colors to get a feel of what you like before your wedding day.

Nail polish is definitely one of the smallest things you can do to complete a look.  But it can be as bold as you want to make it based on your sense of style.

Today we have so many options when it comes to brands.  Try as many as you can. Have Fun.


L’oreal, Revlon, Wunder2, Lime Crime


Play around with lipstick, lipgloss, and fragrances.  You don’t have to marry the products.  Just try them.  When it comes to lip color, not all nudes are right for different skin tones.  So if there is a nude color you are looking for you definitely are going to do well to ask an expert to help you find what is right for you or show you how to blend to get the color that is right for you.

Stop and Smell The Flowers

Literally, stop and smell the roses.  You can’t simply be tied down to a fragrance because of the name brand.  You definitely can’t fall in love with a fragrance that smelled a certain way on your best friend and now you think it will do the same on you.  That is not how chemistry works.

I have had six fragrances in my life that I have absolutely love– and till today, I still love those six fragrances.

Fragrance triggers memories.  It should take you down memory lane.  What will your fragrance trigger when you put it on?





What mood will that scent put you in?  What will it stimulate or arouse? Fragrance is very personal.  So chose wisely.


Choosing a scent for you beloved my not be as easy as you think it will be.  Ask yourself a few good questions?  What is his personality?  Will my choice of a fragrance be appropriate for who he is?  Will his body chemistry work well with my choice?


Viktor & Rolf


Viktor & Rolf


Some fragrances are just simply divine–from the package to the smell.  When it works it works.  It can be the best gift you give someone that will last beyond the moment.



Attached to all gifts is a handwritten note which adds to the intimacy to your gift. A note can be one of the most cherished gifts you can give anyone that is dear to your heart.  Keep a stack of blank cards and write love letters to those you love. But above of all else– remember beauty starts internally– in the words of the late Maya Angelou, “people will always remember how you make them feel.”  And that feeling starts with you.

So in conclusion, whatever your budget, there is something out there for you. Invest wisely for your glorious day.



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