The Glass House in Mexico: A Hidden Gem for Couples & Solo Travelers


Tucked away in the lush jungle of Mexico, the Glass House is an Airbnb gem that is perfect for when you need a secluded trip with your significant other or some solo time to go within. This magical hideaway is a great place to align, unwind and recharge. Plus, there is no better way to experience a traditional Mayan ceremony than by being a guest in the Glass House.

The Glass House is located in Puerto Morelos, just a short drive from Cancun. The drive itself is an adventure, make sure you stop at local produce stands and experience some homemade empanadas or tacos. Stay present and soak in nature as you wind your way through the jungle roads. Once you arrive at the Glass House, you will be amazed by the incredible views. The house is completely made of glass, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings from every angle.

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The property includes a dreamy pool and access to many local cenotes. There are bikes available if you’re feeling adventurous. Or, you can just relax in the Glass House and enjoy the peace and quiet.

For those looking for an immersive cultural immersion, look no further than the Mayan herbal, cacao, or temazcal ceremony! The Glass House offers guests a chance to experience these ancient rituals, authentically.

Temazcal is a Mexican tradition that has been used for centuries to help people attain harmony with the earth and themselves. The healing technique involves spending time in an Igloo-esque oven, which provides heat and humidity conditions that the Mayans believed will transform you into your truest self; allowing peace within.

The herbal ritual uses sacred waters, herbs, and flower essences combined with Copal incense to create an atmosphere that is conducive for healing. Traditional music will be played as participants will gain clarity in their thoughts through liberation from emotional obstacles as they feel uplifted. What makes the experience even more beautiful is being surrounded by nature’s beauty at every turn!

The Mayan culture has a deep history and reverence for cacao, using it in religious ceremonies and community gatherings. Experiencing a traditional cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect with this ancient tradition and learn about the Mayan relationship with the beloved ingredient. During the ceremony, participants drink a beverage made of pure cacao while connecting with Mother Nature. The cacao is believed to open the heart and encourage communication with spirits and ancestors. Cacao is also associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, making it an integral part of the ceremony experience.

If you’re looking for an authentic travel experience that will transport you to another realm, look no further than The Glass House in Mexico. You won’t regret it!

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