An Italian Sustainable Fashion Designer

When fashion combines ethics and aesthetics, it gives life to unique collections. We met with designer Michela Ferriero, who introduced us to her brand founded on the strong belief that elegance and environmental respect can create wonderful garments.

For sustainable development, Lm fashion, the company led by Michela Ferriero, has invested in its corporate image, focusing on sustainable development over the past two years. On March 22, 2022, they achieved the ESG-SDGs sustainability certification for their products, along with the corresponding ESG-SDGs Rating for “Michela Ferriero” wedding dresses. Notably, they have acquired a Blockchain project that makes their garments exclusive and traceable from design to production to the coding of each individual dress, as illustrated below:

What space is there in Italy and the world for ethical and eco-sustainable fashion?

Italy is increasingly opening up to a more bio and eco-sustainable development approach. There is a growing understanding of the strong need for a more sustainable world without waste. Much attention is being paid to the Northern European model, where sustainability is a key focus, and significant goals are being achieved in terms of energy and recycling.

The Designer, Michela Ferriero

What does it mean to be eco-sustainable in fashion?

We are at a point in time where we are more responsible, aware, and eager to live in a cleaner world, creating a healthy environment for both us and future generations. The fashion industry now has a duty to take care of the planet by reducing waste and using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled plastic embroidery materials.

Do you have sustainability certifications? Yes, ESG and certifications.

Does your production technique have higher costs?

Certainly, there are higher investments involved, with research and development being central. The goal is to combine ecological aspects with the desired outcome. Raw materials that meet ecological requirements are of vital importance, and innovation and technology are pillars that support all our work. Our commitment must then be communicated to our customers; their trust is our real achievement.

What is your strong point?

Creating mermaid-style dresses with exclusive lace and exceptional fit, featuring innovative designs and, above all, eco-friendly fabrics.

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