Runway News: Milano Fashion Week–Your Honeymoon Inspiration

Milano Fashion Week has always been one of the most anticipated events of the year for fashion enthusiasts, and this year was no exception. From September 19 to 25, the city of Milan was the stage for the latest trends and creations from the world’s top fashion houses. An extraordinary event that set a new record in terms of attendance.


With eclectic styles and a fusion of classic and experimentation, the runways showcased collections from renowned Italian and international fashion houses. Impeccable garments, luxurious fabrics, and intricate details celebrated Italian craftsmanship. Simultaneously, bold trends emerged, featuring vibrant colors, eccentric prints, and striking silhouettes. A key focus was sustainability, with many shows featuring garments made from recycled materials and eco-friendly techniques, reflecting the growing environmental awareness in the fashion industry.


Among the shows that captured the audience’s attention, GENNY and Calcaterra stood out.

GENNY: White as a Symbol of Radiance

GENNY, under the creative direction of Sara Cavazza Facchini, presented a Spring-Summer 2024 collection that celebrated white as the brand’s iconic chroma. The collection embodied lightness and radiance, creating a vibrant aura. Careful attention to revealing the body played a central role in this collection, done delicately and elegantly. The garments gracefully emerged from the skin, interacting with light and shadows through the selective use of high-quality fabrics such as silk, chiffon, crumpled cotton, and carded linen. The soft and accommodating volumes, moving away from tight fits, provided the female silhouette with natural expressive freedom. Yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum were the featured precious metals, set in a tropical habitat, a garden of orchids, a symbol of sensuality and femininity. The iconic orchid of GENNY was transformed into embroidery and brooches, becoming a second brand identity for the label. An indispensable piece in the collection was the embossed metallic orchid corset, representing the transition from the ethereal to the concrete, adding a touch of glamour to the runway.

The collection garnered anticipation within the GENNY community, also composed of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

Calcaterra: Simplicity and Elegance

Daniele Calcaterra, the founder and designer of the Calcaterra brand, presented a collection characterized by the simplicity of forms and a sophisticated interpretation of chromatics. The color palette included shades of botanical green, white, intense cocoa, nutmeg, and black pepper, along with the unusual sterlitzia color. The garments presented stood out for their materials and volume: hand embroidery, washed feathers, transparencies, and jacquard. It was a minimalist show, with a runway and location free of frills, focusing on the garments and the essence as a metaphor for immortality.

Renè Caovilla: Regal and Seductive

Throughout its nearly ninety-year history, Maison Rene Caovilla has created shoes that are genuine works of art imbued with the essence of Venice. Caovilla’s sandals, renowned worldwide for their desirability on the red carpet, have even captivated Hollywood. Most celebrities sway down the red carpets of major festivals worldwide wearing these small masterpieces born at the gates of the lagoon city. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of its most iconic model, characterized by the famous serpent, the Venetian Maison presents the innovative evolution of the Cleopatra model. Crafted in silk satin and available in various shades, from nude to ultra-pop colors, this sandal features a tapered rosette heel, a semi-square toe, and the recognizable starry dust sole. The Spring-Summer 2024 collection, presented amidst a riot of roses and their intense fragrance during Milan Fashion Week, introduces not only new shapes and textures but also a sculptural wedge in chrome-plated and lacquered gold, silver, and black, with tempered steel springs.

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