The marriage of Kaya and Emanuela was much more than a simple event. It was a celebration of love and naturalness, an immersive and unforgettable experience that involved around fifty guests from different nationalities who captured the essence of an informal and convivial atmosphere. A wedding which highlighted Italy and all its excellence. Evocative setups inspired by sea foam, floating and sophisticated floral architectures, and dancing performers resembling creatures emerging from the sea. A “mixology” of emotions that generated a vibrant and all-encompassing experience.

Emanuela and Kaya met during a job interview. The spark ignited from the very first moment. When the couple recounts it, an immediate smile lights up their faces. Watching them remember is wonderful!

Inspired by the sea and its beauty, the couple chose a symbolic beach wedding, overlooking the sea. This choice allowed them to create a tailor-made ceremony that reflected their concept of authentic and sincere love.

Italy was the perfect backdrop for this wedding, a country that holds a special meaning for the couple. Italy is the place where they share precious moments and find serenity and joy.

The wedding theme celebrated Italy, its sea, good food and wine, beautiful music, but above all, it celebrated love. The floral arrangements were inspired by sea foam at sunset, with floral architectures that seemed to dance with the wind. White fern leaves, serruria, stipe, and orchids were the protagonists of the floral installations.

The table had a wavy shape reminiscent of the movement of the waves, and every detail, from the mise en place to the chandeliers on the table, emanated light and beauty like precious stones.

The ceremony was enriched by a special touch: the ritual of the warmth of the rings. The rings were passed from hand to hand among all the guests, each of whom could grasp and share a thought or a wish before passing them on to the next. In the end, the rings were filled with positive energy and love, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

During the ceremony, the couple gave a special gift to their parents: a white rose symbolizing purity and gratitude, enclosed in a glass case. This gesture represented love and gratitude for the family.

Additionally, there was a “time capsule” where guests wrote thoughts and wishes for the couple. This box will be opened in 5 years, allowing Kaya and Emanuela to relive their wedding in a completely different and special way.

This wedding captured the attention of all who attended, and its beauty and authenticity left a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts. A wedding filled with “good vibes,” refined simplicity, and love for the little things, which highlighted Italy and all its excellences. An unforgettable experience that engaged all the senses and generated an atmosphere of joy and positivity.

Photography @bonjour.photographers

Styling/Planning/Co-Design @kairoseventistudio

Venue @la_spagnuola_gavotti

Florals/Co-Design @agenzia.collateral_beauty

Videography @alessandro.pardi

Catering & Cake @lovisolo_ricevimenti

Music @musicaevento

Audio & Dj @audiodressing

Lights @noire_eventsolutions

Hair @gionmoli

MUA @laurabarbatelli.makeupartist

Stationery @agenzia.collateral_beauty

Performance @agenzia.collateral_beauty

Rentals @smacrent

Dress @annakaraofficial @guglielmogofficial

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