Custom-made clothing and accessories for men’s fashion

For over one hundred and thirty years, Sanvenero has been dedicated to creating custom-made clothing and accessories for men’s fashion, with meticulous attention to the tastes and needs of each customer.

The journey begins in the distant year 1880 in Savona, when the Sanvenero family opens a business selling high-quality fabrics. Over the years, the Atelier has expanded its ambitions, becoming the artisanal workshop of excellence for men’s haute couture tailoring. Today, Sanvenero continues to preserve its family and artisanal traditions with devotion. Represented by the new generation, the brand combines over one hundred and thirty years of history and experience with an innovative approach to stylistic research, always in harmony with new trends. Since 2016, Sanvenero has had a showroom in the heart of Milan, offering a unique experience to create impeccable and tailor-made garments in a welcoming, elegant, and relaxing environment.

Sanvenero’s ateliers craft contemporary and timeless men’s garments. Whether it’s a formal suit, a refined shirt, or a comfortable pair of blue jeans, the process is meticulous and ensures the creation of a unique and exclusive product. Each garment is studied in collaboration with the customer who will wear it, reflecting their personality and style: from choosing the model to the inner lining, from the shoulder to the shape of the lapel, pockets, finishes, and decorative embroidery. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics and an infinite variety of buttons and linings, so that every detail reflects the customer’s taste and tells the story of the professionalism and passion with which it was made. 

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