Personalize A Bella Rosa Bridal Bag With A Love Sentiment

When Maria Caruso-Martin found out her grandmother held a love note from her grandfather and kept it secretly tucked inside her handbag as a reminder of their love, she knew she had to share this with the world. In honor of their sweet and endearing love, she created an evening and bridal bag collection called Bella Rosa which offers several customizable options including a modern version of the love note. 

Inside every Bella Rosa bag is a gold or silver engravable plaque that holds a secret message or sentiment— a wedding verse, vows, or the date of the special day are just a few ideas on how to personalize the bag. The plaque slips easily into the pocket of the bag’s interior for a forever sentiment.

Brides can also replicate a detail on their wedding dress; beading, fabric, or lace, by sending a high-res photo, which is used to create a unique complimentary bag. Other customizations began as a collaboration with celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger. Brides can choose a shade from the Pantone metallic color wheel and add that to a clutch which is great for a bridesmaid gift.  Lupita Nyong’o was the first to wear this on the Red Carpet. She carried the jewel box for the premiere of Waconda Forever. 

Caruso-Martin has other customizations up her sleeve for Bella Rosa. Visit her website to see all the options which are great for pre-wedding gift from a maid of honor or family member. Check out or view the collection in person at Spina Bridal at 132 10th Avenue in New York City. 

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