You Can Eat Live & Wander At Kokomo Brooklyn’s Hotspot

When you have the wedding of the year filled with love and good food and you are living your best life, you can’t help but want to share it with people. That is what this dynamic duo wanted to give to every guest who patronized their establishment. Kokomo is a hidden gem in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, owned by the dynamic power couple, Kevol and Ria Graham. This Caribbean hotspot seamlessly transports you to island time, despite being nestled in the bustling city. The Grahams have curated a menu that caters to everyone, including gluten-free and vegan options, all with a delightful Caribbean twist.

As you approach Kokomo, the venue’s simple exterior might take you off guard. However, once inside, the space is nothing short of magical. The decor is lush and vibrant, featuring tropical plants, colorful murals, and a warm, inviting ambiance that instantly whisks you away to the Caribbean. The cuisine, with its rich flavors and inventive dishes, completes the transformative experience.

This Memorial Day Weekend, Kokomo is hosting its 4th annual “Koko Fest,” a celebration that has become a beloved tradition in NYC. The event promises a vibrant mix of music, dance, and, of course, incredible food. From jerk chicken to vegan coconut curry, every dish is crafted with passion and authenticity.

Koko Fest is perfect for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re planning a family outing, a girls’ night out, a family dinner, or even an engagement celebration, Kokomo offers an unforgettable experience. The festival, set for May 27th, will feature live performances, DJ sets, and special menu items that showcase the best of Caribbean cuisine.

Kevol and Ria’s vision for Kokomo goes beyond just a restaurant. They have created a community hub where culture, food, and joy come together. Their dedication to authenticity and hospitality ensures that every visit is memorable.

If you love Brooklyn as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed by Kokomo. So mark your calendars for Memorial Day weekend and come see for yourself why Kokomo is Williamsburg’s favorite Caribbean escape. See you at Koko Fest!

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