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Are you living in America and having a destination wedding? Are you having 5 or more parties of guests attending your wedding from far away? Do you hate wasting money and time? Are you tired of being stressed? If so, you should consider using Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. Their global relationships in the hospitality industry are beyond reproach. This fantastic free service makes your wedding planning seamless. Once you’ve secured your wedding venue, Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks should be your next step. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks confirms up to 10 hotel options, rates, a free bridal suite and any other complimentary services and amenities available and can even coordinate free shuttle services.




Founders and longtime friends, Laura Krueger and Michelle Donson have been in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. After a few years of working with each other, they decided to fix a problem they had noticed with brides-to-be and their families; they saw that many brides and their families were booking hotels for family members logistically too far from the wedding venue with high room rates. With their expansive hospitality resumes and extensive list of hotel relationships, they launched Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.  Today, with Cathy Llowite and their full service team, their $20 million company assists hundreds of brides and grooms worldwide.

I asked one of the founders, Laura Krueger, what was her hope for the future of Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. She said, “Our hope is to expand the business so every bride can enjoy our service without the stress or hassle of negotiating and worrisome contracts.” And, her favorite thing about her business is  “Working with the brides and all the legal jargon with hotel contracts. It always makes us so proud to know we have made the most important day of the bride’s life a little easier. Once we had a destination wedding in Puerto Rico and the bride was so overwhelmed with the process of everything we do effortlessly. We assisted her from start to finish and she could not be more calm or thrilled with the process.”




Take it from these testimonials! Casey M. said, “With all of the details that go into planning a wedding, it was a huge relief. Cathy was fantastic, and always available to answer any questions.” Lori C. said, “Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. As a bride-to-be who already has a lot on her ‘to do’ list, I am so pleased with my experience with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks.” Ilyssa G. said, “The hotel I wanted was over $300 a night. They negotiated with the hotel and got it for me for $169 a night because of their relationship!”


Sounds amazing, right? Are you wondering if there’s a catch? There isn’t! You don’t even have to purchase your wedding dress through Kleinfeld, even though they have the largest collection of dresses in the world, so buying one there may also ease your wedding planning as well. The hotel blocking service is free and the process is easy! You don’t have to pay because the hotels pay the fees for you. All you have to do is complete a one-page form to get started. You’ll get the best prices if you start 9-12 months prior to the big day. They recommend booking within a week of receiving your proposal as room rates may sometimes be time sensitive.


We at World Bride Magazine encourage women to travel and explore our beautiful world and all of its magnificent cultures! We hope you pursue the weddings of your dreams no matter how far! We hope you let Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks make it easier for you. Visit http://kleinfeldhotelblocks.com to learn more and start your hotel blocking process.



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