Why Not Color Your Hair for Your Wedding!


You’ve painstakingly chosen the colors for your flowers, table dressing, wedding party and mother of the bride. You found just the right shade of blush for your wedding gown. Your stylist was able to recreate your favorite hairstyle exactly how it was in World Bride Magazine’s last issue—thought about coloring your hair but pushed it out of your mind. Why Not Color Your Hair For Your Wedding!


Bold and beautiful colors are showing up more and more as an essential part of bridal hairstyling. Hues of vibrant reds, seductive browns, and dramatic blondes are just a few of the colors brides are choosing. The era of the “play it safe” bride is in the past. When choosing a hairstyle, brides are personalizing their wedding to reflect their sense of style, their tradition or pay homage to their culture. Today’s bride wants to present a true reflection of her personality; for example, before the wedding the bride is a red head, in planning her wedding, she will not compromise her sense of self simply because she is getting married. She will remain a red head. If you love color, reflect that love in every aspect of your wedding, including your hair. If you are more of a traditional bride that is fine, but don’t shy away from color simply because you’re getting married. If you would please envision this: beautiful bride = amazing hair color styled exactly the way you want + your dress, the one you fell in love with upon first sight—this look will translate into an amazing bride, so Why Not Color Your Hair For Your Wedding!


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Did you know the cultural meaning of  Red in…


The color of good luck and celebration
Used as a wedding color
Used for festive occasions


Color of purity, fertility, love, beauty
Wealth, opulence and power
Used in wedding ceremonies
A sign of a married woman
Color of fear and fire


Means beautiful in Russian language
Often used in marriage ceremonies


How To Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Healthy
Moisture is the key to prevent damage. Select products that are moisturizing and specifically designed for color-treated hair. Such products are designed to protect, enhance and extend color. Conditioning is also vital in preventing damage. Choose conditioners that moisturize, strengthen and detangle. Steam treatments also offer maximum moisturization and conditioning. Remember, when maintaining color-treated hair be gentle when handling, protect when blow drying and sleep on satin.

Debra Hare-Bey is the CEO of OMhh Inc & Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh, Licensed Cosmetologist, Master Braider and Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist.
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