The Holy Trinity of Beauty ©

by Madafi Pierre




– A Natural Face Lift

A month ago I was having coffee with a male friend of mine and I noticed his skin was a lot brighter, tighter and smoother compared to the last time I saw him. Plain and simple, his skin was gorgeous and it distracted me in our conversation. “What did you do to your face?” I asked. He laughed and asked what I meant. I told him my observation. I told him he looked at least 10 years younger. And that’s when he told me about Aleppo soap.

I never heard of Aleppo soap and had no idea where to get it. He told me he had been having some skin issues such as eczema and dryness, and that his dermatologist recommended it. Although I don’t suffer from eczema, I do have occasional dryness and overall sensitive skin. Yet, I really just wanted the brightness and smoothness my friend had. His skin looked healthy. So, I went to MAZAG, a small boutique in Lausanne that sells organic beauty products such as Aleppo soap, psyllium seed oil, and castor oil—or what I like to call The Holy Trinity of Beauty ©.





MAZAG is owned and operated by the Zanabi family in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Zanabi family has been making Aleppo soap for centuries. This soap gets its name from the city of Aleppo, near Damascus, close to the border of Turkey and Syria. It is a combination of laurel oil and olive oil. Each bar of soap varies in the laurel/olive oil ratio. For the last several weeks, I’ve been using Aleppo soap for my body and face. The bars I’ve been using are made of 65% laurel oil. Laurel oil is a great antiseptic and eliminates dandruff. This soap is also fabulous for men for shaving. Simply lather it up and use as you would any shaving cream.


The Holy Trinity of Beauty… Aleppo – Psyllium seed oil – Castor oil

Tons of people wish to retain their youth for as long as they can. Others don’t mind the aging process and just do it with grace. Regardless of the side of the fence, men and women around the world are looking to retain elasticity, healthy looking skin, and thick-healthy hair for as long as they can. Well, I might have found the solution. Since I’ve been using Aleppo soap, I’ve adopted a new beauty regiment that has changed the way I treat my skin. Along with Aleppo soap, I’ve included 2 other natural products in my daily routine. It’s no secret that your skin is a living organism. It needs to be hydrated, nourished, pampered—properly cared for. The best way to hydrate your skin, from the inside, is by drinking lots of water. But for the outside, psyllium seed oil does the trick. This oil is great for rejuvenating elasticity in the face, smoothness, promoting an even complexion and softness.

If you’re looking to boost fullness in your hair, organic castor oil is definitely a must. Rub enough in your hands to massage your scalp and roots, all the way down to the tip of your hair. Leave it in for a few hours and then wash it out with your favorite shampoo. Do this treatment twice a week and you’ll notice an improvement in your hair within a couple of months. I’ve been using these natural products for some time now and I just can’t go back to regular store-bought body soap or face cream. Not only do I see and feel the difference in my face and skin but my friends see it as well and are asking “What have you done?” It’s The Holy Trinity of Beauty ©, my friends.



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