Arabian Nights Begins with Qatar

By Shatrese Williams
When you’re thinking of a location to plan your honeymoon, the Middle East may not be your first option if you’re not already a resident of that region. But if you are a lover of travel and the Middle East is on the list of regions you wish to explore in your lifetime, then have we found a place for you.  Qatar.  Where?  We are sure it is not a place that is instantly recognized or even heard of. But I guarantee you it is a place you won’t forget.
Doha Tribeca Film Festival
Our visit to Qatar was to experience the TriBeca Film Festival in Doha: Amazing and a wonderful experience, our gateway to the regions Arabic, Muslim culture. It seemed like the whole world, various cultures were there at that time.  So there was excitement in the air and everything just felt right.
Souq Waqif
Our second trip to Qatar was more extensive. We had the opportunity to stay a good two months to explore the culture and get to know the people to have a true experience.
So come with us as we take a trip to the capital of Qatar, Doha. Partake in activities, entertainment, sightseeing, dining and shopping. There is something there to capture the hearts and minds of all those who visit—with cleverly architected buildings that light up the night skyline at sundown. Enjoy a night exploring the Souq Waqif, local cuisine eateries at every turn, trinket shops from your visit, and performers and merchants. For a cultural experience, take the day to visit the museum of Islamic Art, Doha and Mathof: Arab Museum of Modern Art.
The warmth of the people provides a calm atmosphere. With tourism high on the priority list, entertainment is not lacking in those parts. With Doha being at the center of the Middle East, hop a one-hour flight to Dubai to peruse through wedding packages at Atlantis The Palm or perhaps a beach sunset wedding at The Ritz-Carlton where they are created to perfection.


 Notes to remember:  It is a very conservative country.  Do your research before you travel.  You should know the laws of the country and respect their customs.  Always remember you are a guest and you want to be a gracious guest.  And above all remember to plan your trip during the time when there are great events taking place and have a great time.
You will not have a shortage of luxury hotels to stay at by any means.  Our top choices are:
The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, Concorde Hotel Doha, Sharq Village & Spa by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.


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