Your Travel Carrier Does Matter

The Journey is Everything
“It’s not about getting to your destination but how you get there.”
Those words can mean different things based on the readers’ interpretation or their frame of mind at that moment. For an occasional traveler, it may or may not matter. Depending on how you view things and what matters to you most, affects how you see the art of traveling.  When does your trip begin? If your trip starts from the moment you get into the taxi to the airport, then all the details are taken into consideration. The condition of the car, the service you get, the airport check-in and the hanger experience—it’s at this moment that the experience begins. The airline staff, the flight attendant, the food, the check-in and collection of your luggage affects the experience greatly. So for us at WBM, the sort of customer care we receive is extremely important to us because we relay that experience honestly to our readers. As you plan your destination wedding or honeymoon, an anniversary party for a weekend or a week, our editorial team wants to share with you some pointers as you go to your favorite websites:


All of these sites are designed to find you the best deals on the market, as it is their business to be in competition with one another, to win your business. But what some of you may not know is that most airlines also have deals that can be booked through them directly.



Emirates* offers deals that can be purchased directly through them if you sign up to be on their mailing lists.

*Note: They also have Emirates America that travels domestically. After flying to Dubai with Emirates, I became a bit spoiled, and it became harder for me to lower my standards. Even the basic uniform of their staff has definitely set the tone for the service you are about to receive and I grew to appreciate it the moment I took my seat. Regardless of whether or not you are flying first class or private, the experience is absolutely divine. Let me say this, I have flown with many airlines the course of my many years of traveling.  I have flown commercial, and private.  I have flown the cheapest airlines to the most expensive, and I tell you nothing thus far has beaten Emirates, even when I flew standard with them. So I tell you—from the seats, customer service, food, and luggage care—I’m very pleased.




JetBlue, who is an aircraft carrier partner with Emirates, offers  some of the best deals for domestic and international destinations as well. The staff is good, the snacks are good and the legroom is ample. My favorite aspect about this airline is the policy of one free carry-on, and the one check-in free bag service they provide.  Who’s traveling empty handed on vacation? After paying for the ticket, I’m really not happy about paying extra for my basic bags.

Virgin Atlantic ranks high for us because of their customer service. The food and wine service adds to the experience. The toothbrush, sleep covers, and socks were just icing on the cake for me.

Our next favorite is Air France (although I hear it is riddled with strikes). I have to admit their flight services are pretty up there in terms of customer service from my experience when I booked them for my trip to Haiti.

Newcomer to my travel and flying experience is Avianca, a company I discovered while heading to Latin America to my new playground, Colombia. Our trip to Colombia has opened me up to another experience with their airlines. Like Emirates, the red uniform is definitely a statement while they glide across  the airport in packs. The thing that truly captured my attention was the female pilot flying our aircraft! Amazing! The airline staff and crew have definitely made sure that the flying experience is a relaxing, even for non-Spanish speaking guests.

Before booking your next flight, check out some of our recommended airlines for deals and some of the specials we bring to you.  More importantly, let us know about your experience.

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