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Winter is here and even if you don’t live in the Northeast like me, you may be prone to “Winter Feet.” Winter feet are caused by extended use of boots and insulated shoes, cold temperatures, and interior dry heat. Add to that, less frequent trips to the salon. The feet get neglected all winter long, then the next thing you know it’s time to “air them out.” This winter being especially brutal means dryer heels, cuticles, old polish, and possibly toe hair.

The average American takes 5000 steps daily while the average New Yorker takes 10,000! If your primary mode of transportation is by foot consider getting a monthly pedicure with an extra foot massage included to keep feet refreshed. Get yourself a toe wax while at the salon. If a client gets a pedicure and has toe hair, I will offer her a quick wax. It’s very quick and makes quite a difference. If you are honest with yourself and know that you will not be maintaining your polish during the colder months, opt for a shiny buff instead of polish. Keeping dark polish on for an extended time can cause nail discoloration.

To keep your feet massage worthy at home and from self-shaming, start a nightly routine of foot moisturizer. I love going old school and slathering on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and seal in the moisture with a clean pair of cotton socks. I tell my clients to do some at-home exfoliation using a quality foot file such as the Sparitual Sole Mate for 60 seconds a few times per week while in the shower. It’s quick and simple and you don’t have to drive to the shower. Avoid using a credo knife as improper use can create cuts, leaving you susceptible to scabbing and bacteria.

Cuticle oil is also necessary for healthy toes. You can use some around your toenails a few times per week too. Nail and Cuticle Oil from Sally Hansen is a great option or Inglot has a yummy cuticle oil; if you run out of cuticle oil feel free to use your household virgin olive oil. Keeping your feet in good winter condition will make for sexy sandal feet!

Secret Tip: I like to use a product that has a little glycolic acid in it on the bottom of my feet. Avon makes a Foot Works Dual Action Pedi-Peel Pad that is great. It clears away the dead skin and keeps heels smoothly textured.


Your best winter friend!
Your ally against dry winter feet!

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