The Jet Set

Any bride and groom coming back from a tropical honeymoon can extend that serene beach feeling and savor the island scents with the Jet Set Candle. The candles by Jonathan Adler are a perfect wedding gift for the couple that spends their honeymoon in the extraordinary beauty of Waikiki or relaxing on the sands of Palm Beach.

The Jet Set Candle will truly bring you back to your favorite beach locale.

A faint scent of tobacco, leather, oak wood, and hints of patchouli, this is “Havana.” If you close your eyes you will hear a small group of men playing batas in the distance.

JetSetCandles_01_JL“Waikiki” contains a mix of jasmine with notes of cardamom, fresh basil, wild orchid, cedar wood, verbena, and white amber. When Waikiki is burning your hammock isn’t too far away and you’re surrounded by an assortment of orchids and gingers.

“Shelter Island” makes you feel the breeze on the beach, just you and your thoughts. The ocean notes of sea moss and sand grains with hints of sage and fir balsam make for an excellent mental repose.

“Capri” has citrus, notes of woods, moss, and musk. I’ve never been to Capri but the scent is exactly how I “picture it.”

Other scents to transform your home into a tropical getaway are “Big Sur,” “Acapulco,” and “Palm Beach.” All of the fragrances are sure to make your psyche take some downtime, or bring you back to that exciting trip you took back when.

My suggestion is to burn two of your favorite scent simultaneously to create an island getaway in your entire home.

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