My Beloved Haiti And Her Artful Soul

What is the correlation between art and fashion? They are both attainable to those who have the desire to explore all their complex dimension and can be bought by those who truly appreciate and desire it. Those who truly value them as gifts will treasure them for a life time.

It is my pleasure to share with you one of our beloved treasured artist, Melky Jean. To many she is known as Melky Sedeck, sister of Wyclef Jean. This past January Melky married long time friend Carl Hart. This couple that spent years creating music for others finally decided to tie the knot. Melky, the creator of Carma Foundation which was developed for her beloved Haiti continues to share her love of her home land by bringing awareness to Haiti through her music.
World Bride Magazine joined in this extra-ordinary project by bringing on board some more lovers of Haiti. We are proud to introduce to you world re-known painters Elie Escot born in Haiti, born into a family of artist and trained by the world in art and culture. This elegant man greeted us at the door in his home studio in Long Island. From the door to restrooms his home is filled with art that peaces. Work of his most admired predecessors to his own work. “As a painter or any artist so many things inspire you. Life, love God, spirituality and just our beautiful world that we live in.” says Elie. I am surrounded by beautiful people, women, and artist. Elie feels that it is his duty to give back to those that will come after him. He finds joy in art and aspires to build a platform for others to enjoy their love and passion for the world of art as he does.

Patrick Gerald Wah, also known as Wapag, also shares the same sentiments about sharing his love for the arts with others that will come after him. Also born in Haiti, this fatherly figure was most enjoyable to be around. His carefree spirit, not only showed us that art has no boundaries, but no canvas as his paint brush stroked my jeans and that of my assistant.
Wapag pain for wanting to share his art with others can be felt with every stroke. With each brush stroke he poetically confided in us his pain for leaving Haiti because of the lack of support, platform for artist to freely show their work.

So when we presented them with the opportunity to share their art with Melky Jean the Princess of Haiti they humbly accepted. Melky Jean not only felt honored but was touched that her Organization Carma can move others as it does. So on June 21, 2009 at The Griffin Hotel in New York City many will join in the celebration of the Charity Event to support the people of Haiti. Silent Auction, Beauty Bar, good food, entertainment, great friends of all backgrounds. The Rebirth of Haiti is beginning.

Stephan, Fardau, Myrdith
Stephan, Fardau, Myrdith

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