Celebrating Your 1st Anniversary!

1rst Anniversary

The first year of marriage is full of adjustments, compromises, and negotiations.

Now that you have made it through 364 days of marriage, it’s important to make your first year anniversary celebration memorable and exciting.

Celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary is a clear sign to your spouse that the marriage is a priority. Make the first one great and you will be on your way to building a great future.

Traditionally in the US, the first year anniversary includes a gift of stationery, which represents strength, and in the UK cotton is the traditional gift of choice. Some traditions require the bride and groom to eat the top layer of their wedding cake to commemorate the joyous occasion. If you are seeking some ideas think about the ones below:

Top 10 Gift Ideas:
1. Picture Frame
2. Event Tickets (sports, concert, or play)
3. Love Letter
4. Tech or Gadgets (iPad, laptop, eReader)
5. Personalized Clock
6. Watch/Jewelry
7. Message in a Bottle
8. Love Coupons
9. Appliances
10. Weekend Getaway

A thoughtful first anniversary celebration leads to wonderful stories to be told to the grandkids for generations to come. Some may opt for expensive jewelry and others a hand written note, while some married couples prefer a weekend getaway. Make sure whatever you do, don’t forget your first anniversary and make it very special!

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