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Princess of Haiti continues on Her Journey to Fix her home land- Melky Jean

You may be asking what does a wedding magazine have to be so concerned about a charity.  Weddings are a happy occasion, what do they have in common with poverty, children, women in need of clean water, school books, and shoes?  Well ask Melky Jean, sister of famed artist Wyclef Jean.  She has made it her life mission to bring awareness to Haiti and all those who are suffering in her beloved homeland.

January of 2009 she and her best friend Carl Hart tied the knot.  But in was done in the process of planning  trip to Haiti to visit the orphanage that her father when alive supported and help its peoples.

This blushing bride not only graces the cover of World Bride Magazine, but she also invited World Bride Magazine to be a part of it.  We were there on June 21, 2009 as she attempted to further bring attention to Haiti and the people in need by throwing a fund rasising party that was like know other.  Among those on her guest lists were Lynn Whitfield, Sheree Whitfield (No relations), Stacey McKenzie, Andre Berto, Elie Lescot, Patrick Gerald Wah and many more.

It was an honor to be a part of something bigger then life.  Thank you Melky Jean for being your giving self.  For more information go to and

Supporters of Haiti
Supporters of Haiti

Beautiful Haiti

Elie Lescot Haitian Son of Art
Elie Lescot Haitian Son of Art

Jazmine and Sharea Supporting Friends

Beauties support Haiti

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