CARNEGIE HALL – The Carnegie’s Present Love and Music

Carnegie Hall edifice

Majestic. Prestigious. Enchanting.

Words used to describe my visit as I toured the world-renowned historical landmark, the grand Carnegie Hall. This is why our specialty here at World Bride Magazine, as your wedding concierge, is to showcase from an authentic point of view, sophisticated product and services by vetted companies you must consider.

Carnegie Hall – Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage

The legendary music concert hall, most notably an establishment to the world’s most finest classical musicians is evolving into a ‘curator of timeless experiences of love’. Wealthy American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie married his soul mate, Louise Whitfield on April 22, 1887. Four years later, 1891, he opened the doors to the Carnegie Hall. As a romantic, it is my belief Andrew Carnegie was motivated by his ‘honeymoon’ experience that fueled his pursuit to fund the most extraordinary music concert hall in the world. It is both natural and rare for a man, esteemed by his bride, to build wealth, secure a family and share with his community a work so spectacular, it is enjoyed for generations to come.

Carnegie Hall – Weill Recital Hall
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Room
Carnegie Hall – Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage

From the alluring grand Isaac Stern auditorium, to the enthralling intimate Weill Hall, to its most contemporary popular Zankel Hall, denotes three key attributes; the class and elegant taste the Carnegie’s had, how much they enjoyed fine music and their commitment to promoting musicians around the world to come and share in the culture of this epicenter.

Today, these attributes resonate with a diverse range of people and performers around the globe. Young world-changers like Kelly Hall-Tompkins, a renowned solo violinist and pioneer for social justice in classical music. She founded ‘Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul’, where she and a commission of musicians perform at homeless shelters all over the world, offering hope and healing through classical music. She has won the support of Carnegie Hall to debut her world premiere of “Forgotten Voices” to raise awareness and expand the work of Music Kitchen. An achievement the Carnegie’s would be proud of.

Kelly Hall-Tompkins – Solo Violinist
Kelly Hall-Tompkins – Solo Violinist

Another achievement honoring the Carnegie legacy is the development of venues loved ones can create timeless experiences in. Carnegie Hall is branding the Weill Music Room and Terrace; an elegantly renovated, dual level event space as the destination for your ‘Empire State Wedding’ . In partnership with Constellation Culinary Group, they offer inventive cuisine, gourmet presentation, and impeccable service. Rest assured the integrity of your vision is considered and catered to create a timeless and memorable experience for all.

Carnegie Hall, Evening view – Weill Roof Terrace
Carnegie Hall – Weill Terrace Room- Photo by Andre Maier/Andrea Adelstein, NY LUX Events

I was invited to view the spaces and my husband; Troy joined me along with our 3yr old twins. Corinne Zadik, public relations for Carnegie Hall’s Dream Wedding was gracious and thorough as she gave us a tour. Matching the well-renowned artistry and grandeur of its three performance venues, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Room event spaces feature a capacious rooftop terrace canvasing Central Park and the New York City skyline views.

Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Terrace
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Terrace -Photo by Andre Maier/Andrea Adelstein, NY LUX Events
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Terrace – STARR Events: Weddings
Carnegie Hall – Weill Terrace – Photo by Andre Maier/Andrea Adelstein, NY LUX Events

Adjacent to the May Room; an intimate dining room appreciating the founders, most of the historic fixtures and a gorgeous fireplace, was a vast creative space. My children, who ran around in sheer amusement surrounded by sunlight from the dramatic windows and the famous music icons artfully decorating the walls, deemed this Terrace Room festive for dancing and exciting entertainment.

Carnegie Hall – May/Weill Terrace Room
Carnegie Hall – May/Weill Terrace Room
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Room -Photo by Andre Maier/Andrea Adelstein, NY LUX Events
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Room
Carnegie Hall – Weill Terrace Room
Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Room – STARR Events: Weddings
Carnegie Hall – Weill Terrace Room

For the first time in history, Carnegie Hall has launched “Dream Weddings”; a contest where one couple chosen will host their wedding atop Carnegie Hall at the Weill Music venues fully sponsored by Carnegie Hall and its partners. See for the 1st Dream Wedding winning couple. Truly a magical dream come true. It is exciting that Carnegie Hall’s extraordinary music legacy now celebrates love and the uniting of families. This is truly inviting and gives New Yorkers and potential couples around the world an opportunity to create the most resplendent event imagined.

Carnegie Hall – Weill Music Room

World Bride Magazine is reaching out to our loyal readers who are professional, values family, understands the dignity in establishing wealth and practices financial stewardship. If you are married, engaged or dating, get behind what we are doing for couples across the globe around love, music and community. Join us for a WBM DATE NIGHT May 21st at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall for Kelly Hall-Tompkins debut performance. Come out and enjoy an elegant night in the city with other classy New Yorkers. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here.

Carnegie Hall is the destination for superior experiences. Should you find you and your spouse-to-be share in the standard of excellence, prestigious taste and fine amusements as the Carnegie’s, then the Weill Music Room and Weill Music Terrace are a certain selection for you. Visit and for booking details. For all other general interests in Carnegie Hall, visit and be sure to mention WORLD BRIDE MAGAZINE.

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