What Happens When the Groomer Gets Married?

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Being in the service industry can be challenging. Serving the public is all but easy. As a beauty/grooming professional often times you are more than just that. You become the confidant of the clients you service. So who takes care of you? How do you know you have found the one when it finally happens?


Well, we caught up with celebrity groomer Adrian Fanus and his now wife, Jana and they shared with us some of the most precious bit of information about finding love and taking care of each other. But first, here’s a short bio on this highly sought after grooming expert.


Celebrity Groomer Adrian Fanus oozes fascination and zest when he speaks of his craft.

From Hollywood’s heaviest hitters to gridiron greats, there’s one thing today’s most notable entertainers have in common: celebrity groomer Adrian Fanus. With a client list that boasts Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, actor Idris Elba, and sports greats Grant Hill and Nate Robinson just to name a few. The Adrian Fanus Grooming experience is one of the best kept secrets in all celebrity circles.
A native of St. Lucia, Adrian Fanus began his career under the apprenticeship of Mr. Ryan Evans, one of the island’s most distinguished groomers. With a specialized approach to detail, Mr. Fanus analyzes each client’s facial structure and personality to tailor a unique look specific to each individual. Adrian states, “I think a haircut is like a fingerprint. No two fingerprints are the same so a haircut has to be individually tailored.”
Today, the secret is out and Adrian Fanus brings his major magazine (L’uome Vogue, Areana Homme Plus, Confused Dazed, Flaunt ) featured cutting edge style and sophisticated design to the Empire State. Situated in trendy Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Mr. Fanus’ very own grooming loft and lounge makes his celebrity expertise available to everyday clientele. With a technique all his own, complete with a trained and licensed professional team, Adrian Fanus Grooming endeavors to bring a comprehensive grooming experience to all customers looking for that rare cut above.
Adrian Fanus’ self-taught artistry and his magnetic personality complete the Adrian Fanus Grooming experience – and keep his celebrity and professional clients alike coming back for more. Mr.Fanus notes, “It’s about effort, impacting somebody’s life.  It’s more than just a cut.  My focus is not in getting them in my chair, but in getting them back – and when they come back, I know I’ve done a good job.”
The Groom
Your full name: Adrian Fanus
Your occupation: Groomer
Your heritage: I was born in Saint Lucia
How did you propose? Jana and I were lying in bed one day and she started screaming within 5 minutes of waking up from the excitement of the ring that was on her finger. I slipped it on her finger while she slept. Before I even asked the question she looked at me with tears in her eyes and screamed, “yes!”
How long were you dating before you knew this was it? I knew it was right after the first month of meeting her. I could not live without her and had no desire to.
What did you wear at your wedding? I wore a custom dark blue suit with crisp white shirt and orange tie. For footwear I wore white Converse.
What was the most important thing for you about planning your wedding? The most important thing was understanding that it had to be about us and not anyone else. It was our big day and making sure our vision for the big day was up to our standard.
What would you have changed?  added? taken away? I would have the food served and not done buffet. Some guest can get carried away with the food. Lol.
Who was the most important guest that had to be at your wedding? Why? Our wedding was a day flowing with love. We had a lot of guests who flew in from all over the world. Everyone who was there is special and important to us.


The Bride
Your full name: Jana Bikar-Fanus
Your occupation: Registered Nurse – Owner of Partner In Hope
Your heritage: St. Lucian
How long were you dating before you knew this was it?  The first day I met Adrian, I knew my life was complete.
What did you wear at your wedding? Mermaid shaped dress, bone colored with Swarovski beading; white pearl set jewelry; silver hairpiece and white Converse footwear.
What is the most important thing for you about planning your wedding? While we took in many directions about what needed to be done, how it needed to be done, I remained focused knowing that this was our day. Adrian and I have been together for 8½ years and we felt that a traditional wedding would not be a reflection of our life. So we planned a very non-traditional wedding, which allowed for a more enjoyable celebration of our love.
What would you have changed? Maybe realize that stress was unnecessary…lol. But on a serious note, nothing.
Who was the most important guest that had to be at your wedding? Why?  My first answer would be my mother and my sons. However, this is such a difficult question as all of our guest were hand picked. Everyone surrounding us has been instrumental being a mother, brother and sister figure to us.
Why was the location selected? We chose St. Lucia because we are both St. Lucian. Most of our family members still live on the beautiful island.
Where did you honeymoon, if different from your wedding location? We honeymooned in St.Lucia. We stayed on the island for 3 weeks after tying the knot to enjoy and relax.
What is one bit of advice you have for newly married couples?  For those planning their wedding relax, breath and believe that your day will be a day to remember.
How important is children? We have been blessed to have 2 handsome boys. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be blessed with another healthy baby, preferably a girl. Family? I share a very special bond with my family; my sisters and I have an extraordinary relationship while my mother and I are inseparable.
How are you planning your financial future?  Continue making Partner In Hope successful.
Where do you live?  Do you own or rent? Brooklyn, NY. We rent a beautiful brownstone in the very diverse Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.
Adrian Fanus
CEO Adrian Fanus Grooming Inc
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