Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Minted in Time

What better way to have your wedding commemorated than to be minted in time forever? That’s exactly what happened to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Royal Mint has issued the only official UK coin to help us save the date of one of the most talked about weddings in our lifetime between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. An American girl will now and forever be in the history books and we can all have a piece of their special day by purchasing the official coin marking their wedding date May 19, 2018.  How many of us can actually say that we know someone who has been commemorated and honored in such a way in our lifetime?

Traditionally the crown marks special royal occasions by issuing a commemorative coin. The coin features an original portrait by Royal Mint designer Jodi Clark. The portrait captures their relaxed essence and gives us a peek into their intimate relationship. Approved by Buckingham Palace now the entire world can have a collectible coin to commemorate the wedding of the century. The coin is available in several finishes: un-circulated, silver proof and gold proof. They have made it accessible to everyone. Prices range from 13-1980 pounds. What a steal to have your piece of American and Royal history.

This wedding just keeps getting better and better! Everyone is so vested in their love story mostly because this is what dreams are made of! American girl meets Prince falls in love, is whisked away to Buckingham Palace and lives happily ever after as part of the Royal Family. We are also emotionally attached because Meghan Markle is like the girl next door and she relates to many women both young and old. Myself included I know that I wish to have a love like this to be talked about for years to come.



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