Visions of Grandeur–Rami Kadi Is Quickly Taking Over the Fashion Scene


Fashion is no small matter if you are talking to the likes of Anna Wintour, the Queen of fashion or Grace Coddington. These women have built an international name for themselves that will outlive them, maybe forever. But what does it take to reach such recognition. Is it talent? Hard work? Is it who you know or is it who knows you?


That answer will be different for every respectable person that takes fashion seriously. But when the few, the talented, the bold and the genius come along, they usually take it by storm. And that is exactly what this designer has done. He has Taken Over the region and is aiming for global domination with his collection.
Rami Kadi’s born in the United States of America, but was raised in Lebanon. This brilliant Lebanese’s passion for “design” was obvious at a very early age. So naturally he enrolled in a school for fashion design that would nurture this hunger for fashion in Esmond Beirut in 2005. Graduating with honors and distinctions in 2008 would not be surprising if we are to judge it strictly based on the collection we are highlighting here in this issue.


Rami credits world-renowned Lebanese designers Rabih Kayrouz and Georges Chakra for his work experience that sticks with him today. His commitment and dedication to his gift and craft paid off when he was invited by the Starch Foundation, founded by Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar, to showcase both his first and second collections, and the rest is history.


Embracing the wealth of his culture and what it has to offer can be seen in every piece of fabric his garments are made of. The European, American flair is definitely present. For me it is almost reminiscent of one of my favorite icons whom we recently lost, the late Oscar de La Renta.


His intricate couture designs, his attention to luxurious handmade details and his impeccable craftsmanship attracted a highly discerning local and Middle-Eastern clientele.

Rami Kadi continues to astonish his peers, and predecessors, that someone of such tender age has been able to rise to the top so quickly within the elite circle of couture designers, which led him to open his first flagship boutique and atelier in Beirut, where you can find his Ready-to-Wear, Couture, Accessories and Bridal Collections for all your fashion occasions. Bravo to our Designer Takeover.


Please be sure to click on each image to get the full luster of each garment. Now as I wrote this piece I didn’t feel I could relate his message completely. So I decided to allow you our readers, his potential new customers imagine his voice as he responds to each question. It will echo in your mind and definitely make you feel like I feel, and start looking for a flight to Beirut to own a piece of art.

Full Name: Rami Kadi

Occupation/preferred title: Haute couture/Fashion designer

How long have you been designing?

I have been interested in fashion for as long as I remember. From my very early childhood, I used to alter my mom’s clothes and help her pick her outfits, and by the time I graduated from high school I had already decided that my vocation was to pursue a career in the fashion field. It was only natural that I enrolled in fashion design school, ESMOD Beirut in 2005, from which I graduated with honors and distinctions in 2008.

What is your inspiration?

In terms of creativity and inspiration, the world around me has always been a rich source of inspiration; it provides me with flashes of creativity all day long, from the moment I wake until I go to bed, and sometimes even in my dreams. Anything can be inspiring, the music I listen to while I’m driving, interaction with people, when I’m relaxing at the beach, or reading magazines, watching other designers’ fashion shows, etc. Another major source of inspiration is obtained while traveling, visiting new countries and getting acquainted with new cultures and fashion salons…
Inspiration is not only limited to my day-to-day activities, it can also be found in my dreams! I always dream about dresses or shapes and I wake up in the middle of the night to draw them, and go back to sleep.

Do you feel your culture has inspired your collections?

My personality and taste mostly inspire my collection but for the last winter/fall collection I can say that my culture has inspired it. For my last collection the typical traits of the Arab architectures, ethereal geometric forms, lines and symmetric waves, meet the cool modernity of a couture collection hand crafted with the most antique techniques of embroidery. This “new arabesque” injects a smart and up-to-date energy on dresses, mini skirts, crop tops, full skirts, capes, jumpsuits, coats and long dresses.

What is the general process of creating a collection?

My preparation for a new collection starts with a large selection of different fabric/material that I like. It helps my inspiration and leads me to a theme for my new collection. My favorite part of conceptualizing a design is working on the details of it. Every cut, every single detail is to be taken into account.

How long does it take for you to put a collection together?

It usually takes me several weeks from the creation to the release of a new collection.

Who is the woman that wears Rami-Kadi? Describe her:

The woman I design for is a woman living a normal life in today’s world, but who stands out with her elegance and grace. She has something about her that turns heads wherever she goes, leaving a trail of seduction and mystery behind, she’s a woman who blows life into the garment she is wearing.

Finally where can we find/shop for your collection?

My boutique is based in Beirut and we ship worldwide. For international clients that do not live in Lebanon we usually work through emails.

So there you have it folks… Designer Takeover Rami Kadi, Click here and start shopping:


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