“A fuitina”—Little (lovers) Escape

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In this article I would like to introduce you to the Sicilian’s traditional view on weddings—what happens before and what a couple had to experience before their big day.

“A fuitina” Little (lovers) escape

Once upon a time in Sicily, weddings were seen as a contract between families to benefit and increase their richness. The families were not particularly concerned about whom their children loved and wanted to share their lives with. All that matter was that you were from the same social caste. There’s an old Sicilian saying, “favi cu favi and ciciri cu cicidi” (broad bean with broad bean and chickpea with chickpea), meaning that you have to marry and procreate within your own social level.

With such tradition, you might wonder what would be the fate of two young lovers who want to fight for their love and live for it. Well, the solution was “a fuitina.” This is when the couple decides to elope for a period of three days to a week. And when they return to their families, they would be celebrated as a true couple, a married one, in a traditional Italian style occasion. All the bad blood between their families caused by the couple’s eloping would be put aside.

All this said, the important thing to know is that, during the fuitina, the two lovers would have consummated their marriage. By doing this, the woman is now considered unworthy to marry another. For the family not to lose their honor and have their daughter marginalized by society, they would consent to a “rehabilitating wedding” between her and the man she “escaped” with.

Many and less romantic reasons are linked to the fuitina, but I wanted to share with you only the more romantic aspect, which involved an extreme act of rebellion to defend LOVE.

Although today eloping might sound like ancient history and no longer necessary, this does not mean that a little LOVE escape to Sicily would be a bad idea. The romantic side of this island, with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains, make it a perfect destination to call home for a few days, far away from the world.

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In the next article I will share with you some guides to a good marriage, Sicilian style.



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