Dressed for the Occasion by Yana Benhuri of YBCouture


As New York Fashion Week approaches, we prepare to attend shows to provide our readers first look of what is about to hit stores Fall 2015.

But attending fashion week is more than seeing what hits the runway. It is also about what you, the guest, will have the option to wear. And I can almost guarantee that as an attendee you may, in fact, be caught in someone’s photo. So you better make sure that you look sharp. Very much like attending a wedding, you don’t have to be the bride to make a mark when it comes to your attire.

This past year I attended two amazing weddings: One of which was a celebrity wedding where the couple asked all their guests to wear white, while they wore the sexy black.

Then there was the late summer wedding that I crashed. While I was still running with the white attire, my friend thought it might be inappropriate for me to wear white. I felt it was a bit passé and stayed with it and felt totally comfortable.

That is when I realized how important the dress code of the guest was to the occasion. And that was a conversation that also needed to be had.


So we caught up with designer Yana Benhuri. She is the creator and owner of YBCouture collection and is no stranger to the runway, first as a model and now with her own collection. Ms. Benhuri has turned her attention to design and creation. This transition has allowed her not only to observe and transform ideas from classic into modern but from very simple into glamorous. Most importantly, she is able to bring to life a variety of styles based not only on cultural and artistic experiences but also her innate creativity.

So dress for the occasion.

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