The Wedding-Dance: When and Why?

The Wedding-dance
Cecile Creiche Photography for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings©
The Wedding-dance
Cecile Creiche Photography for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings©

The Wedding-dance: When and Why?

Wedding-dance according to real newlyweds: Discover right now how to entertain your wedding dance and make it memorable.

The Wedding-Dance: When and Why? Wedding-dance is there! Wherever you come from, whether your spouse-to-be is scared about dancing in front of your attendees, whether you are a great dancer—keep calm and feel your hips! They want to move, with easy but ridiculous.

Both of you will have all of attention on the big day of your wedding. Your “audience” is waiting for you to start the ball. No pressure… Discover the wedding stories of these three couples who planned their wedding dance at three different moments of their reception.


The Wedding-dance
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The Wedding-dance of Mindy and Peter: To launch the diner.

We had a very long religious ceremony with a long commute to our venue. It was great to inspire our guests with entertainment“.

Mindy and Peter wanted their attendees to experience a great moment despite the little disadvantages they imposed on their beloved guests.

The couple worked with their wedding planner and their dancing teacher. The main question was this: What kind of moment did they desire—funny or serious? Peter was not confident to lead a wedding dance that would live up to his expectations. But his love for Mindy was greater than his anxiety, and it gave him the courage to go beyond his fears.

They finally decided to have fun while they begin their wedding dance. “Yes, this is it! It was seriously funny. We placed all of our efforts in this wedding dance. We were proud to dance, with a meaningful music for us.”

When starting the dinner with your wedding dance, let surprises slowly develop while the catering service is in progress.

One more thing: if you are a little bit anxious or scared about your performance, do not hesitate to plan it during the time of the dinner. However, drinking will not help you anymore. Pretty sure of that…

the wedding-dance

The Wedding-dance of Lise and Björn: To break the routine of the diner.

For their winter wedding, Lise and Björn gathered more than 215 attendees. They both have a big family and a huge number of friends, including old friends from college.

The catering service promised to be long and complete—they both have a passion for food, as Björn is a Scandinavian chef in Dubaï, and Lise, a bubbly bride-to-be, wanted to break the tempo of the waiters.

Just after the main course, with the DJ and the band, they launched an amazing wedding dance.

“It was just so hilarious that people did not notice we were away from the dinner room for 20 minutes. We had to prepare and change to our wedding dance outfits. Then, from the beginning of the music, we knew it would be magic! And it was!”

If you have a long dinner to serve, ask your DJ to include a thirty-minute party session to encourage people to dance. Thus, guests will be excited and motivated to wait for the party just after the cake party.

The Wedding-dance
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The Wedding-dance of Jung & Larry: To enhance their passion for dancing.

OMG! Jung and Larry met in a school of ballet dancing. Both are elegant. You could say it was obvious their wedding dance would be stunning.

“We were challenged by our job. Dancing is something usual for Jung and I. Each of our guests, friends and families did not expect anything but the best. But how could we make a surprise for them? We spent lots of time with our wedding planner to create the perfect moment to entertain our audience. It was a big challenge. And we dit it!”

The reception, followed by the dinner, was absolutely classic and formal. Very elegant with toasts full of tenderness. Emotions were everywhere, in each soul of the guests that gathered for the wedding.

Against all odds, Jung arrived on the dance floor approximately twenty minutes after the party began: in her ballet skirt. Followed closely by her husband, Larry. Immediately people screamed! Shouted! They were so excited. “I remember that we all thought they would never do it! We went crazy when we saw Jung in her ballerina outfit! It was amazing!” explained the bridesmaid and childhood friend of Jung.


Within these three examples, you now understand that your wedding dance can happen exactly when you want it. Make it surprising! Make it with fun! Make it in comfort! You’re the Queen and the King of your wedding!

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