SPADARO Luxury Fragrances: Your Best Honeymoon Scent

Have you been sniffing the countless designer fragrances displayed on department store counters and was befuddled by their essence? Or are you constantly rubbing your wrist on the flaps of perfumed paper in fashion magazines trying to find the perfect scent? I’ve stumbled upon one of the best scents that I have smelled in years:  BESO DEL MAR, a luxury perfume from the Spadaro Luxury Fragrances  line.

After wearing this fresh, clean scent night and day for over a month I am convinced that the other Spadaro fragrances will be equally alluring and I can’t wait to try them!


These honeymoon-worthy fragrances are fashioned from floral essence, spices, and the creator’s memories from her travels across the globe. The luxury fragrances can be found inside of exquisite Italian glass bottles, accented with exotic metallic bronze patterns that represent each region of inspiration.

Visionary, alchemist and fragrance designer Kim Spadaro combined her strong passion for design, aromatherapy, travel and music to formulate a range of scents that are deeply personal yet inspirational to others. Each fragrance is inspired by a different destination and brings to life a moment in time experienced during Kim’s journeys.

Kim Spadaro

“When a scent evokes a memory it’s distinct, but when it has the power to transport you, it’s Spadaro.”


Beso Del Mar, meaning “Kiss of the Sea” is a fresh, clean light scent inspired by sunsets in Cabo San Lucas at the Las Ventanas.


Noche del Fuego, meaning “Night of Fire.” A hypnotizing scent inspired by ancient terraced landscapes and an encounter with Spanish fire dancers during an idyllic escape to Majorca.


Doux Amour, meaning “Sweet Love,” Doux Amour was developed while on a journey to Morocco. It’s like a perfume poem, sweet and gentle, yet sensual… redolent of warm Moroccan nights.


Sunny Italian grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of white pepper and cumin. Enveloped by tender musk and comforting notes of sandalwood, almond and vanilla, Solé Nero evokes fond memories of loved ones near and far.

Wherever you’re traveling to Spadaro Luxury Fragrance has the perfect scent for you. For every purchase of a Spadaro product, a percent will go to the “The Spardaro Foundation,” a foundation that pays it forward by honoring those who selflessly inspire others. 

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