Getting Married In America’s Backyard- Emerald Isle to Beaufort & Beyond, Eastern North Carolina Coast


Are you feeling exhausted trying to come up with some place “exotic” to plan your nuptials?  As American’s we tend to go to the extreme on somethings, either we are all local and don’t want to think outside of the box or we go way out and beyond the boards of what is right in our backyard.

Well we have majestic beauty right here at home, we just have to be open to discovering them.  On one of our journey’s we were able to find an enchanting region right here at home.  The Eastern Coast of North Carolina- Emerald Isle to Beaufort , The Crystal Coast, my heart was captivated by its quaint qualities, beautiful scenery and its charming towns with wonderful things to do.

But since we are planning a wedding my thoughts were, where are the experts and boy did I find some experts that not only loved what they do but were great at it.   We caught up with one of our favorite photographers Allie Miller, in between shooting weddings in and out of the region, and we asked her to share some tips with you, our readers and here is what she had to share.



Allie Miller Opens Up About The North Carolina Coast

North Carolina is is one of the states that offer so much, from mountains to beaches – However, The Crystal Coast in Eastern North Carolina is definitely a once of a kind destination place, keep in mind that is not only for vacations; but the amazing natural backdrops are a perfect fit for any couple planning their destination wedding.

With over 90 miles in length, the area covers 9 very distinctive regions, these wonderful areas extend from Emerald Isle to Beaufort and beyond, making the Eastern North Carolina Coast a true gem for your wedding destination.

Five Top reasons why you should get married in North Carolina’s Crystal Coast: 

  1. Easy access by plane, vehicle and even boat as well as hotels and rentals to accommodate you and your guests
  2. Ample choices of wedding venues and professional wedding vendors to make your planning a breeze
  3. Your will find the wild horses roaming freely on their island.
  4. Extraordinary owned-by-local places to eat and entertainment. 
  5. The most romantic sceneries and sunsets you’ll ever see.

There are more than 5 reasons, definitely a must come and see for yourself – You will never want to leave, I promise. 

With that said, we could not recommend a better place for you to say I Do.


*All images provided by Allie Miller Photography



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