He Can’t Just Put Any Ring On—It De Beers



This generation prides itself on its individuality. As little girls, they didn’t grow up listening to fairytales where the princess is dressed to the nine, from her tiara to her glass slipper waiting for a prince to save her.  But what they did hear was The Queen Bey, Beyonce that is, tell these single ladies if he values them, then he should put a “ring on it.”

But The Queen Bey, is no slouch when it comes to fashion, and I can’t see Beyonce settling for just any Cracker Jack Ring, so why should you?

The effort you put in selecting your dress, your bridesmaids attire, and venue selection to have your vision of a perfect wedding day, is the same effort that should be put in selecting your wedding bands. Why not, it will probably be the only piece of jewelry you will always have on continuously?  So why not make it unique and a reflection of your personality, your spirit and something of a statement piece?

We were excited when we received these pieces and knew that our brides would enjoy becoming familiar with the brand that for decades has made its legacy known for quality and artistry.

Diamonds, has globally been the thing that tangibly expresses a man’s love for his woman.  It is that one thing that tells her she is worth it. In many cultures a dowery is expected, and the only way for a man to get a wife.  While in other cultures that is no longer a modern day practice, the principle still applies.   How do you say she is worth it?  You put a ring on it.  Not just any ring, but a De Beers® Diamond Ring.  A man must get educated with the terms when selecting a diamond if he is going to impress his lady.

The 4C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—are the most important characteristics of buying a diamond.

The artistry, De Beers® Diamonds prides themselves on being inspired by first the diamond, nature and the women they are creating the very ring for.  This makes the process even more exceptional and beautiful, knowing that someone was thinking of you when they were making something so perfect.

Why bother with the ring?  Why is what you pay  for your diamond so important?  Well, for several reasons. One is that old saying: you get what you pay for.  I believe in it and as I get older, those words hold more weight.  Your ring should become a family heirloom, it should be something you want to pass on to your children, grandchildren, etc.  It should show that thought, effort and taste was put into it.  Like a piece of real estate, it should appreciate in value if  you take care of properly.   At the very least maintain its value.  Never lose it.

So back to Queen Beyonce: If he puts a ring on it, it better be worth it.  So let us at WBM upgrade you … make it a De Beers® Diamond bling.


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