3-Steps to being Wedding Fit!

Survey says, most all brides want their men looking sharp for their wedding day. But the survey also says, women today want their men looking shapely for their honeymoon too.  Now more than ever men are the ones who are being made to keep up when it comes to being fit, and chances are if your girl is putting the time in to look sexy for you, you better be making an attempt to looking sexy for her also. Now if your one of those guys who has been focusing too much on work hasn’t been hitting the gym and is mildly out of shape and could use some quick advice on both fitness & nutrition, these 3-steps should help turn things around for you. In fact, its changed many in just 4-6 weeks, which will in fact put a smile on your girls face when you get to your honeymoon destination. So listen up:


1) You don’t need to go to the gym everyday, in fact you don’t need much equipment at all. With body weight training, which can be done from home, you are the machine and all it takes is 5-10 minutes every other day to get started. Note your body typically improves week by week, so as long as you have a game plan in place and can stick to it, your body will improve in just a matter of weeks. Heres how it works, and remember everything is about progression meaning, what ever you can complete in the first three workouts during your first week you will surly improve in the following three workouts during your second week and so on and so forth. So the first thing is just getting started, keeping things simple, and adding various things to your workouts each week. Start by using a body weight workout as follows with the following progressions each week:

Week #1 (monday-wednesday-friday  OR  tuesday-thursday-saturday)

Complete 5 pushups, move straight to a 15-second elbow plank and right into 10 body squats. Continue these 3 movements within this circuit as many times as possible while pacing yourself for just 5-minutes. Trust me, this can be a challenging routine because it works you upper body, lower body, core and engine all at one time.  And it helps develop both cardio and muscular endurance. You do not need a treadmill or to jog to get in great shape. You simply need to challenge yourself with something that is both challenging and realistic. No one hour jogs, and no 5 nights a week on the elliptical or the stepper. When five minutes is up, your workout is over. Don’t stop throughout your workout, move at a decent pace, as the idea is to complete this 5 minute routine 3 times during your first week. Make sure you have a days rest in between.

Week #2

Complete 6 pushups, move directly into a 20-second plank and right into 15 body squats and continue that new circuit for 5 whole minutes. (If you feel as though you can complete another 5 minute circuit after a 2-3 minute break, get it done). If not keep working, give yourself a days break in between but complete 3 workouts during the week.


Complete 8 pushups, move directly to a 20-second plank and right into 20 quick body squats and continue this circuit for 5 minutes. Complete this same circuit 2x more times during the week. After this week, you should start to feel as if your bodies cardio and muscular endurance have improved, like you have developed a base. So the following week we will pick things up a bit.

Week #4

Same as week #3, but we are adding a second set to each day of training. Meaning you now have to complete 6-5 minute circuits to complete for the week in three days, 2 circuits per day with a 3-5 minute break in between.

Week #5

Complete 10 pushups, directly to 15 seconds of mountain climbers (this will get your cardio up) and right into 20 body squats and continue this circuit for 5 minutes. Complete 2 sets per workouts! 3 days within the week.

Week #6

Now we change things up… Do 10 pushups, then 9, then 8, then 7, then 6 all the way down to 1 pushups.  Then do 20 body squats, then 18 body squats, then 16, then 14 and so on all the way down to 2 body squats. Then hold for a 1 minute plank. Do this circuit 3x during this last and final week! You should have firmed and toned up and will be feeling and looking much ,much better, far and improved from the original you.


2) Develop a weekly fitness plan and stay on that plan each and every week meaning, enter your workout (be it morning, afternoon or night) into your daily planner so that it is “in your schedule”. It’s a known fact that when we have things scheduled, there is a 80% better chance you will complete this task rather than just winging your weekly routines. Having a plan is everything!


3) Start eating real food while eliminating breads, processed foods, sugars and alcohol if at all possible. And start eating real snacks in between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner which is the secret to fat burning. There are lots of people who believe diets work, but the problem with diets is they are to low in calories which is what shuts down your bodies metabolism, and your bodies ability to burn fat. The trick or key to fat burning is to eat small balanced pocket size meals for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner so that you do not gorge yourself at night due to the little eating of food you did during the busy part of your day. Example:

breakfast-2-eggs and a small side of spinach on a slice of ezekiel bread (made from real sprouts) + coffee or tea

snack-8oz plain yogurt with 1/4  berries and teaspoon of all natural almond or cashew butter

lunch-6-oz chicken with 2 cups veggies or sweet potato’s (stay away from salads at lunch and have at dinner instead. Eat complex carbs, real veggies at lunch, its real fuel that will provide energy and improve fat burn)

snack-2 rice cakes with smoked salmon and avocado or 6 almonds (can of tuna or chicken instead of salmon)

dinner-6 oz fish with steamed veggies and a small salad (lean meat in place of fish)


*Cut your alcohol intake down at night, how? Have a water after every beer/mixed drink or wine. Sugar calories from your alcoholic beverage add up, and the body must burn through sugar before burning fat. By drinking a glass of water after each drink, you help the body stay hydrated, it even helps to fill you up, keeping you hydrated which will also stop you from ordering that extra glass of something. Being fit for your wedding and honeymoon requires your commitment, so commit to the future, commit to how you look, commit to your future wife and your health!

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