Eat Drink and Be Married—Chef Mo Mo Talks Food


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

J.R.R. Tolkien


Choosing the right wine with the right food is important. Wine should always compliment the entree. Think of the wine as a partner made in married bliss. You want to choose wines that will excite the palate and bring out the flavors of the dish. Always remember this cardinal rule:

White wines = Poultry or fish

Red wines = Beef or lamb

Think of it as a color coded map: white meat/white wine and red meat/red wine.

The lighter the meat; the lighter the wine (wink wink). Now since you have mastered the art of color coding, let us break down the different types of white and red wines.

However, please keep in mind that some red wines go well with chicken, depending on the preparation. For example dishes with creme sauce pair well with Chardonnay. Chicken dishes with herbs pair well with Sauvignon Blanc. If duck is on the menu, I would suggest Riesling, because it is slightly sweet and will compliment the gamey taste of duck. Zinfandel pairs well with Turkey.

Let’s talk about how the dish is prepared. If roasted meat is on the menu, then I would suggest Chardonnay because it will bring out the intensity of flavor. If BBQ is on the menu then Zinfandel will bring out the smokiness of the dish. If fried meat is on the menu, then the best option is a Rose Champagne because it will cut the grease. Poached prepared food pairs well with a dry wine such as Chenin Blanc.

If fish is on the menu then choose wines that pair well with the texture and flavor. Also keep in mind that the preparation affects the taste. If salmon, tuna or swordfish is on the menu, a Dry Rosé will pair perfectly since these types of fish have more substance that is similar texture to a steak. If red snapper, cod, halibut, black cod, Chilean Sea-bass or trout is on the menu, look to full bodied white wines such as Chardonnay or California Sauvignon Blanc. Last but not least, if flounder, tilapia haddock or sea-bass is on the menu choose a zesty refreshing wine to balance out the delicate flavor such as Champagne or a White Bordeaux.

Now let us talk about the dark wines. Bordeaux pairs well with veal or roasted game. Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with roast beef, lamb chops or hamburgers. Pinot Noir pairs well with prime rib or baked short ribs.

If you are on a tight budget, I would suggest Rose wines because it pairs well with either red or white meat. I personally believe that wine is a perfect menu pleaser. If the way to someone’s heart is through food, then the way to a good time is through a glass of great wine … CHEERS!!!


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“I have a passion for people and I believe that life is what you make it…so I plan! to make it memorable.” Monique Moy, affectionately known as “Chef MoMo” or simply “Mo”, is a Philly transplant actively taking the Los Angeles area by storm.  Mo is an inspirational tale of rags-to-insane riches-to loss-to finally doing it her own damn way. The former hip-hop artist set out to build upon her real passion – cooking – and in 2009 she started Francis Rose Catering, named after her grandmothers.

Growing up on“the wrong side of the tracks”, Mo never attended any formal culinary school, but her skills were evident. Through her deep connections, she partnered with Team Jet and secured the catering contract for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Seeing an opportunity, she also launched a healthy living program with gluten free, low-carb and vegetarian entrees long before they became popular with the mainstream.

In 2011, Mo took her talents to Los Angeles, where the hustle continued. Her LA clientele have included high profile celebrities such as NBA players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, musical artists such as Justin Bieber, Will Smith and Actor Charlie Sheen, law firms, sports arenas, etc.


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