A Splash of Color on Your Wedding Day


Spring has finally arrived and so has every new shade of hair color. It’s really almost impossible to pick one shade but why would you do that! Hair color is fun and exciting. Fashion colors have really made a statement. Not since the 1980s have you seen so much hair color. I’m talking about a rainbow of colors and using various blends of greens with blues for the mermaid look. Purples, pinks mixed with browns, black and blondes.

These fashion colors are easy to use. Some brands like SPLAT are available at your local pharmacy store like Duane Reade or CVS in the hair color section.  If you’re looking for a larger selection of colors go to Ricky’s or Sally’s for Manic Panic, the have over 30 shades. Try mixing them for intense bold colors or to create your own shade.





Here’s a quick do-it-yourself guide to create a punk-chic new look! These tools are required.  A wide tooth comb, clips, a towel, aluminum foil and petroleum jelly.

Step 1. Choose the color you desire.

Step 2. Section the area that you are going to color.

Step 3. Pre-lighten the hair that you sectioned out and wrap it in foil (it helps the hair process and protects and avoids lightening other areas).

Step 4. Rinse after the desired shade of blonde and use the petroleum jelly to avoid staining your skin. Remember the lighter the hair the more intense the color will be.

Step 5. Apply hair color. Wait about 30 minutes to process.

Step 6. Shampoo, Condition, and Style!




I can’t wait to see your results CURLFRIENDS! You are officially Champugirls. Load your do-it-your-selfies and hashtag #worldbridemagazine, #champugirls.

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