The Power of Sisterhood and Empowering Events

In a time when women are increasingly joining forces to support and uplift one another, Meagan Elieff and Meghan Fialkoff, the founders of The Modern Day Wife, are leading the charge. These ladies are crossing all sorts of cultural boundaries to unite women of all walks of life for one purpose- Empowerment of women for positivity. Their upcoming event, “Soirée En Blanc,” in collaboration with the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, taking place on June 30, 2023, promises to be an empowering gathering where women from various fields come together to celebrate the Summer Solstice and foster a sense of unity. With a star-studded panel featuring influential figures like Audrina Patridge and Brooke Burns, this event is set to inspire and empower countless women.

Additionally, as the founder of World Bride Magazine, I am honored to be among the great leaders of our community and looking forward to moderating a conversation, further enriching the experience for attendees.

Embracing the Power of Collaboration

“Soirée En Blanc” epitomizes the spirit of collaboration and sisterhood among women. By bringing together celebrities, influencers, business owners, designers, and mothers, this event creates a platform for women to break barriers and inspire others with their achievements. The collective energy and shared experiences encourage attendees to pursue their passions and overcome obstacles, fostering a sense of solidarity and

Empowering Panel Discussions

The event features an impressive lineup of panelists who have excelled in their respective fields. Celebrities like Audrina Patridge and Brooke Burns, along with other influential women, share their journeys, challenges, and triumphs. These discussions provide valuable insights and inspiration to attendees, showcasing the diverse paths to success and encouraging women to embrace their unique talents and aspirations.
The panels, my fellow moderators, and industry leaders like myself are thrilled to share our stories and offer an opportunity for attendees to engage in meaningful
conversations on topics such as business and entrepreneurship, fashion, and beauty and wellness. Through these discussions, women gain practical knowledge, advice, and networking opportunities, further strengthening the bonds of sisterhood and paving the way for collective success.

Creating a Platform for Growth and Connection

Who says you can’t have too many great women in one room under one roof? “Soirée En Blanc” goes beyond panel discussions to offer a range of enriching experiences. The event features VIP pre-parties, a fashion show experience, beauty lounges, and pop-up shops. These interactive elements provide attendees with a chance to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. The raised catwalk fashion show, sponsored by notable brands, showcases diverse styles and promotes inclusivity within the fashion industry.
Furthermore, the beauty lounge and tutorial corner allow women to discover new products, learn beauty techniques and explore wellness practices. The pop-up shops provide a platform for entrepreneurs and designers to showcase their creations, supporting women-led businesses and encouraging attendees to support each other’s ventures.

Your Invitation Awaits You

“Soirée En Blanc,” organized by Meagan Elieff and Meghan Fialkoff, is a testament to the power of women coming together to celebrate their achievements, support one another, and inspire the next generation. This event, World Bride Magazines’ involvement is a testament to what can be accomplished as a collective. It showcases the strength of sisterhood and highlights the transformative impact of collective support and collaboration.
By providing a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and experiences, “Soirée En Blanc” fosters a sense of unity and empowerment. Attendees gain valuable insights, build connections, and leave the event feeling motivated and inspired to pursue their goals. As women continue to come together in events like these, the collective success and strength of the sisterhood will continue to grow, creating a
more inclusive and empowered world for all.

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