How to Get Legally Married in New York City When You’re a Foreigner?

How to get legally married in New York City ?
How to get legally married in New York City ?
How to get legally married in New York City ?
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How to get legally married in New York City when you are not an American resident? So you dream about having a different wedding in the city that never sleeps.

Wow, such a great choice! But so many questions too, right? Don’t worry! In this short video, you will be guided on how to achieve this. If you are not a French speaker, please find below the translation of the video  🙂 !

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Translation / Transcription

(Time)0:00.5 : How to get legally married in New York City?

(Time)0:01.0 : Method and do’s, by Muriel Saldalamacchia, International Event and Wedding Planner.

(Time)0:09.5 : Welcome to this brand new video, produced in front of City Hall in Manhattan, NY.

(Time)0:15.2 : This video is dedicated to all the lovely couples who are dreaming of getting married in New York City.

(Time)0:19.8 : I wanted this video to be as simple as it could be. So…

(Time)0:23.7 : I will explain to you the steps for arranging to get married in New York City.

(Time)0:34.3 : #1 STEP: Contact your consulate 16 weeks or more before the day of your wedding.

(Time)0:38.8 : This will give you enough time to gather information and the official documents that you will need to produce.

(Time)0:41.7 : #2 STEP: As soon as you have all the documents required, send them to your consulate in New York City.

(Time)0:51.1 : Please send your mail priority registered letter with recorded delivery.

(Time)0:53.8 : Your goal? To ensure your consulate in New York City receives all the documents in time to be validated!

(Time)0:57.5 : Eight weeks before your wedding day.

(Time)1:07.6 : #3 STEP: Nothing special for you to do right now.

(Time)1:11.3 : The Consulate in New York City is now responsible to announce your wedding to you and your groom!

(Time)1:16.5 : #4 STEP: Here is the most exciting step!

(Time)1:21.9 : You now have to get your marriage license.

(Time)1:25.4 : Go to the City Clerk’s office. (There are several in New York City, so you can choose the one most convenient for you.)

(Time)1:28.4 : Where you register will be where your marriage will be performed and validated.

(Time)1:30.3 : You and your fiancé must bring your passport to register!

(Time)1:31.9 : Do not forget the documents of the witnesses, as well.

(Time)1:34.1 : You can now officially register.

(Time)1:36.4 : You will have to wait exactly 24 hours to obtain your marriage license.

(Time)1:38.7 : The cost: $35 approx.

(Time)1:41.0 : #5 STEP: Twenty-four hours later…

(Time)1:46.8 : Congratulations! You can now legally celebrate your wedding!

(Time)1:49.8 : Take your ticket and wait for the clerk to call your number.

(Time)1:54.6 : After waiting a few hours, the Judge will officiate your wedding!

(Time)1:59.8 : Tax to pay: $18.

(Time)2:03.7 : You will now receive your official document that you are married in New York City.

(Time)2:06.3 : It is the Certificate of Marriage.

(Time)2:11.6 : However, this is not the only marriage ceremony venue option.

(Time)2:15.6 : That is to say … to get married by a Judge.

(Time)2:17.1 : You can ask to go in the “Chapel”. This is just inside the City Clerk’s office.

(Time)2:19.4 : At this chapel, a Judge will take 10 minutes to officiate your wedding, with caring words.

(Time)2:38.0 : TIP: choose a wedding officiant called a Minister!

(Time)2:43.2 : You will be able to celebrate your wedding wherever you want!

(Time)2:49.0 : For sure, you will have to pay for this official service. Refer to wedding officiant’s websites to learn more about their fees.

(Time)2:58.0 : #6 STEP: Make your wedding legal in your country.

(Time)3:06.4 : The day after your wedding, go to your country’s consulate in New York City (in the morning).

(Time)3:10.4 : Give them your Certificate of Marriage, delivered by the Judge or the Minister. They will make the transcription in your country!

(Time)3:16.3 : Within a few weeks, you will receive your brand new official document of marriage, made in New York City!

(Time)3:21.6 : Wish you a happy and brilliant wedding!




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