The Legacy of Assouline- The Art of Literature



“For us, books are a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation. Because information is not only about today and the past it is all a sensational source of inspiration.”  Martine & ProsperAssouline.

My children believe that I am starting a small library in our home.  As the years go by, they see our collection of literature slowly growing and wonder what we are doing with all of these books. So, having read many incredible words by amazing authors it makes perfect sense. Books are beautiful bound treasures that have outlived many of their authors.

As long as I can remember I have often wondered: who were these people that loved books so much that they would make it their life mission to publish books for a living. And now after all of these years, I finally had the distinct honor and privilege to work with one of my most admired publishing house Assouline.

We had a rare opportunity to have a conversation with the founder, Martine Assouline, who generously shared with us her intimate thoughts on love, family and making that special day of your life the most important part of creating a memory with your beloved.

The power couple wed in May 24, 1991 in Saint Tropez.  She recalls the memorable moments of her wedding day and smiles as she envisions the arrival of her wedding dress. As I politely questioned her about her life and legacy of her family, I noticed that her answers were short and sweet, and delicately stated—simply elegant. What I gathered from these responses was what I suspected all along.




Madame Assouline loves the simple, beautiful things in life: love, loyalty, and a rare passion for one’s dreams by creating memories that can be documented through books, literature which can be passed along for generations, and bringing joy to others.

Both Martine and her husband Prosper knew at an early age they had a love for books so it was easy for them to build this empire together, not as competitors, but as partners. Both their love for books, beauty and having a mutual desire for quality, taste and inspiration is as great as their need for oxygen.

Her one bit of advice to newly married couples… respect oneself, and each other, be understanding, stand in your own (vision, dreams), make that clear in the beginning. “Things have to be clear in terms of power and money, that will help avoid problems later; a powerfully memorable statement.

Their legacy doesn’t stop there, they are a big supporter of the Children’s Fund. They believe that education is the future for every child. And if one does not have time for love and education… Do not have a child. They are firm believers of supporting those in need. Bravo.

After our interview, I fell in love with this couple… Martine is a gorgeous woman both visibly and internally, and the time she took to answer our questions spoke volumes.

Make it your point to own a piece of the Assouline legacy. You won’t be disappointed. The family business goes beyond books, theirs is a lifestyle.



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